Shore Leave

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HordeShore Leave
Start Captain Tork
End Uncle Bedlam
Level 17 (Requires 12)
Category Azshara
Experience 1,900
Reputation +500 Bilgewater Cartel
Previous H [17] Ticker Required


Bring the  [Heart of Arkkoroc] to Uncle Bedlam in Bilgewater Harbor.

Provided Item:
Inv jewelcrafting gem 12.png [Heart of Arkkoroc]


We're looking pretty good here at this point. It's definitely been a pleasure working with you, soldier.

If you're ready to take the artifact back, we've got a Gyrocopter ready to take you back to Bilgewater Harbor so that you can deliver it to Uncle Bedlam personally.


Ah, the man of the hour!


And you come with the artifact! The operation was a success then. Mergers and Acquisitions can definitely handle themselves. This thing will fetch quite a pretty penny.

And you - I heard you did some impressive work down there. You may well have cut-down expenses by 10% single-handedly. That's the kind of smarty businessman I want in my army!

Here are your wages, as promised. And a little something extra too - I hope you like it.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv weapon rifle 08.png [Bedlam Gun] Inv boots cloth 01.png [Merger Boots]
Inv bracer 02.png [Acquisition Bracers] Inv misc cape 14.png [Heart Wrapper]

You will also receive 33s


  1. H [16] Operation Fishgut
  2. H [16] Rapid Deployment
  3. H [16] There Are Many Like It
  4. H [16] First Come, First Served / H [16] Halo Drops / H [16] Mop Up
  5. H [17] Field Promotion
  6. Complete all of the following:
  7. H [17] Shore Leave

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