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Not to be confused with Animated shorts.
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

This article is a list of short stories organized by source. There are 50 canon short stories in total (3 of Savage World category, 9 from Destination: Pandaria, 12 Leader Short Stories, 12 from Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth, and 14 others).

Non-canon stories are also included in the list.

Official site short stories[]

Short stories found on the official site:


Battle for Azeroth

Savage World[]

Destination: Pandaria[]

Leader Short Stories[]

Feast of Winter Veil[]


Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth[]

Short stories in the Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth anthology:

World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide & World of Warcraft Master Guide, Second Edition[]

Short stories found in World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide & World of Warcraft Master Guide, Second Edition.

  • In later editions the titles of the stories are not printed. Instead, they are given the heading "Lore".
  • Micky Neilson has hinted these stories are non-canon.[1]

Hearthstone short stories[]

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.

RPG short stories[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Warcraft The Roleplaying Game[]

Short stories found in Dungeons & Dragons Warcraft The Roleplaying Game.

  • Gennet, a human warrior has just survived an attack by demons, and escapes to find an unlikely band of adventurers by a "temple to a forgotten god", and decides to join them (16-17).
  • Within Shargha's Stronghold in Kalimdor, an orc chieftain, Shargha, has a discussion with his underchief, Boraga, about their opinion of the world's state of affairs (172-173).

Alliance & Horde Compendium[]

Short stories found in Alliance & Horde Compendium.

  • A blood elf named Var'thal thinks over his recent battle with a felhound and the energy he has consumed from its now lifeless body. He contemplates how it would feel to feed on the powerful energies of powerful individuals like Jaina Proudmoore or the Lich King himself. He then plans to tell Prince Kael'thas about his encounter (6-7).

Magic & Mayhem[]

Short stories found in Magic & Mayhem.

  • Gimbolt Surehammer and his blood elf companion, Maer-thiss, travel to the hut of the witch doctor Zul'ajik. They visited the troll in order to hire him to perform a ritual to contact spirits which would lead to the Demonwell. Because of Zul'ajik's hatred for goblins, their third companion, Ziggler, chose to stay outside of the camp and to tinker on his clockwork dwarf. Ziggler interrupts the ritual when he pilots the clockwork dwarf and tramples the troll's tent and Maer-thiss. Gimbolt decides to flee with Ziggler, while Maer-thiss and Zul'ajik decide to kill them both (6-7).
  • Verius, a pit lord disguised as a human, enters a chapel belonging to the Knights of the Silver Hand in order to infiltrate the Order of the Silver Hand. Father Rammal sees through his disguise, as does an elven cleaning girl who later enters the room. The elven girl breaks Verius disguise and he attacks Rammal. Rammal, who had also been in disguise shows his true appearance that of a blood elf, and both elves fall upon Verius to feed on his energy (11-12).
  • Zaj'tal, a naga, attacks a night elf sentry mistaking her for a male. Zaj'tal defeats her in a battle of spells. He stands over her battered body, pleased even more that instead of torturing a man, he will be able to torture a woman (58-59).
  • Bohein, a tauren, and his goblin companion, Isak, attempt to break into an ancient vault on top of a mesa while besieged by an undead swarm. Bohein tells Isak to open the vault while he attacks the undead. Using a special potion, Isak is able to stand on the side of the mesa and run down into the undead in an attempt to hold them back. Isak is successful at opening the door and finds a book inside. After Bohein returned to the top of the mesa, he took the book from Isak and used a spell inside to stop the undead (111-112).

Lands of Conflict[]

Short stories found in Lands of Conflict.

  • Duncan Pike contemplates his reasons for still being alive after a battle with a large reptilian beast in the Swamp of Sorrows. Thinking he was going to die, he had defended himself as best as he could. To his surprise, an orc had joined the fight, giving him a chance for an opening. Together they had defeated the beast. While they were supposedly enemies, they learned to judge each other by their actions, not by who they were. They shared laughter at their ordeal, and helped each other to a goblin camp that could tend to their wounds (8-9).
  • Garrick heads into woods of the Plaguelands looking for his childhood friend Adric, who has been raised from the dead by the Scourge. He finds his friend, who warns him that he should not have come to find him. Garrick tells Adric he wanted to find him in order to bring him back to his master, a mage of Dalaran, who is working on a cure for the Undead Plague. Adric does not want to be cured, so he shoots his friend in the back. As his friend lies dying, Adric tells him that they will have all the time in the world to talk after Garrick has died and risen again in undeath (12-13).
  • Sir Antonio Kremen is captured, gagged, and thrown into a wagon. He has been kidnapped by thugs who want to ransom him for money. As the thugs drive the wagon down the road, they catch sight of a shepherd girl, and attempt to accost her. Sir Antonion Kremen does not want his mistake of being captured to also fall upon the girl, so he tries to warn her by thumping on his crate as best as he could with his head. Soon, however, he hears groans of pain, and the girl comes to the back of the wagon to help him out. She is a member of the Stormwind Assassins, and has been sent to rescue him and help him back to Stormwind (37-38).
  • Jack, a poor farmer's son, has a secret — he is a member of the Cult of the Damned. He is in a hurry to catch a boat going north. Not long before, three tired soldiers had come to his humble farmhouse looking for food after a long period of fighting the undead Scourge. He had listened to stories intently, and fed them poisoned soup, which had killed them within the hour. He had hidden their bodies and then sold the farm. Later, he had passed the information he had picked up from the soldiers to his contacts in the Cult of the Damned, who had urged that he head to Northrend in great haste (82-83).
  • Rogthur and his companion, Jaeson, trail some Forsaken into lands held by forest trolls in order to discover who the undead were going to meet. A band of trolls finds the Forsaken scouts and quickly slay them. Rogthur and his companion are now stuck in troll territory, and the nearby trolls had discovered them. The two companions decided they were not going to go down without a fight, and they fight to defend themselves (119-120).

Shadows & Light[]

Short stories found in Shadows & Light.

  • Akinos Steelclaw travels to Stormwind as a diplomat from the Horde in order to improve diplomatic relations. While in the Valley of Heroes, he gets into a debate with members of the Stormwind City Guard about which heroes from both the Horde and Alliance should and shouldn't be included in the Valley of Heroes. After the debate, Akinos wonders if the Stormwind Council could be toyed with as easily as he had with the guards, and if so then his position as diplomat would be an enjoyable post (29-30).
  • A short story which covers Aviana's experiences during the War of the Ancients, during the battle in Suramar, as she watched her fellow Ancients die or be held back by the Burning Legion's forces. She stops to talk to Cenarius and tell him information of what was happening on the battlefield, while he prepared his attack on the Eternal Temple. Cenarius then sends her back to Elune to pass on his sorrow that the battle will end with so much death (64-65).
  • Leyan, a young guard of Nethergarde Keep, stands watch at the top of the Tower of Nethergarde, when Khadgar appeared near him. They then discussed planar travel, and the worlds separated by the Twisting Nether. Khadgar opened a small portal looking into another place within the Nether. Khadgar then discussed how he may have had to cross the Twisting Nether someday, and would have to take others with him. They then left the tower (125-126).
  • Drann along with his companions, Captain Dumont, Stonehoof, Feulia, Makil, Renmar, and Talario, fight their way to an altar and cite a ritual that they hope will open treasure to them, but instead they end up releasing an angry fire elemental. They are then transported to the Firelands of the Elemental Plane, where they hope they can find a way back home (133-134).

World of Warcraft The Roleplaying Game[]

Short stories found in World of Warcraft The Roleplaying Game.

Alliance Player's Guide[]

Short stories found in Alliance Player's Guide.

  • Rogno battles a furbolg and then an ancient (10, 22).
  • Jinxo is captured by orcs and plans an escape before she is sold into slavery in Gadgetzan (42).
  • Mareek, a goblin sapper, opens a cave for Emor and Vontair releasing something dangerous (57).
  • Aliastra, a savagekin and her pack battle the Ton'ma ogres (60).
  • Jaryn a windwarrior, rides his gryphon, Blackfeather, into a battle against a band of goblins (74).
  • Iolan with his brother Marteleth over the choice to leave his family and learn magic (76).
  • Dessenth and Wehr prepare to battle a camp of orcs (95).
  • Tardor prevents a troll from calling reinforcements, saving Montegro and the rest of his caravan (108).
  • Zur and Valisha escape from a prison cell (118).
  • Ukk and Gorgh ambush a human supply caravan and are distracted by target dummies (120).
  • An archdruid speaks of a dream he once had and gives reasons why the night elves should join the Alliance (124).
  • Petran is forced into a fight with dwarves in Theramore and attempts to escape (131).
  • Ishy is plans to get the Inv staff goldfeathered 01 [Amberseal Keeper], a magic staff, from the Tainted Scar. He is double-crossed by his companion, the warlock Achalon, and a dreadlord, Darthias. His friend, the sentinel Elain, shows up to help him. Ishy defeats Achalon, and both escape with the Amberseal Keeper in their possession. They discuss giving it to Sal or keeping it, and both head off to Booty Bay (135, 164, 172, 174, 179).
  • Grondor Glitterscreen gives directions on how to get around Ironforge to Camon Tieron and his companions (141).
  • Fraweth Whiteshield battles the pit lord Timmanrug for the second time (159).
  • Selene is interrupted while she trains her human acolyte. Gareth had brought in a captured orc who asks for unification between their people (190).
  • Sentinel Anara Darkshrike patrols her night elf lands for intruders (191).

Horde Player's Guide[]

Short stories found in Horde Player's Guide.

Dark Factions[]

Short stories found in Dark Factions.



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  2. ^ Micky Neilson on Twitter: Any chance that "Silver Hand, Ebon Blade", from the amazing Raph Ahad, can be canonized? As IntheSotSun? "It is possible."