Shortblade Specialization
Inv weapon shortblade 05.png
  • Shortblade Specialization
  • Gnome racial
  • Passive
  • Expertise with Daggers and One-Handed Swords increased by 1%.
Usable by
Class All
Race Gnome
School Physical
Cooldown None/Global Cooldown

Shortblade Specialization is one of the racial traits granted to all gnome characters. It grants an expertise bonus while using One-Handed swords and daggers. When dual wielding different types of weapons, Shortblade Specialization is applied to each weapon individually, so that if you dual wield a One-Handed sword and an axe, only attacks made with the One-Handed sword benefit from Shortblade Specialization. When dual wielding two One-Handed swords, two daggers, or one One-Handed sword and one dagger, all of your attacks will benefit from Shortblade Specialization. For attacks that only use the mainhand weapon, such as a rogue's [Sinister Strike], only your mainhand expertise matters.

While wielding a One-Handed Sword or Dagger in the Main hand, this racial also grants 1% spell hit. Dual Wielding swords, or daggers or any combination of the two will only grant 1% spell hit, as the racial expertise from the Off-hand weapon will not grant spell hit.


  • Since the bonus is 'raw' expertise and not rating, it will grant the same bonus regardless of the level of the player.
  • This expertise stacks with expertise gained from other sources, limited only by the expertise cap.
  • When dual wielding a sword and a dagger, attacks made with the either weapon will benefit from Shortblade Specialization. Dual wielding a dagger and a sword will result in the exact same total expertise as dual wielding two daggers or two swords.
  • In Mists of Pandaria, Expertise also grants spell hit. Expertise from Racial weapon specializations will grant spell hit as long as the specialized weapon is not wielded in the Off-hand.

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