The Shrine of Shadows is a secret altar overlooking a cave. Vol'zith the Whisperer is fought here during the Shrine of the Storm instance, while the Restless Cabal are fought here during the Crucible of Storms instance.

In the background is a Kul Tiran battleship being corrupted by Tidesages and K'thir, as well as moonlight pouring into the cave from the ceiling. The battleship is the sister ship of The Abyssal Melody that sailed to the Shrine of the Storm during A [110 - 120] Voices Below.[1]


  • If you look down in the underwater path from Storm's End, you can see what resembles tentacles. Swimming toward them causes a purple border effect to appear on your screen, and continuing to swim toward the tentacle instantly kills you.
  • During the encounter with Vol'zith the Whisperer, he uses an ability called Grasp of the Sunken City. The Sunken City is another name for Ny'alotha. While phased into this alternate Shrine, you can see untargetable tentacles all over the edge of the platform.



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