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For the achievement, see Achievement dungeon shrineofthestorm [Shrine of the Storm]. For the object, see Shrine of Storms.

Shrine of the Storm
Shrine of the Storm loading screen
Location Stormsong Valley, Kul Tiras
Race(s) HumanHumanHumanHuman Human
N'raqiN'raqiN'raqiN'raqi N'raqi
IconSmall K'thir K'thir
End boss IconSmall FacelessOne Vol'zith the Whisperer
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 110-120
Player limit 5

NeutralShrine of the Storm
Shrine of the Storm
Type Temple
Leader(s) IconSmall Human Male Lord Stormsong †
Race(s) HumanHumanHumanHuman Human
Affiliation(s) House Stormsong
Organizations Tidesages
Location Eastern Stormsong Valley
Status Active

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Done Anvil & Forge

Undone Bank       Undone Auctions
Travel Done Flight Master(s)
Undone Mass-transit
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Shrine of the Storm 2

The Shrine in daylight.

The Shrine of the Storm (or the Shrine of the Storms)[1] is a monumental temple located on an island in eastern Stormsong Valley. It is the seat of House Stormsong and the stronghold of the Tidesages.[2]

It is also a dungeon, while the Crucible of Storms raid is located underneath it.

According to Xal'atath, the area of the Precipice of Oblivion, where Storm's End and the Shrine of Shadows is found, has had countless names over the ages and echoes with ancient power.[3]

Adventure Guide[]

The Shrine of the Storm is a seat of power for both House Stormsong and the tidesages. Here, blessings upon the fleet are performed to ensure that the Kul Tiran fleet knows no equals in combat. Yet, a dark force has corrupted these sacred grounds and threatens to steal control of the Kul Tiran Fleet forever.


The adventurers enter the Shrine of the Storm through the Tidewater Sanctum.

  • Alliance Brother Pike says: The shrine must be cleansed of Lord Stormsong's evil, heroes.
Brother Pike says: Tread carefully. Some dark presence watches us even now.
  • Horde Rexxar says: With the power of the Tide Pearl, our fleets will be unstoppable.
Rexxar says: The Alliance must not claim this prize. All who oppose us will fall!
Rexxar says: Now...let the hunt begin!

After attempting to confront Lord Stormsong, he summoned Aqu'sirr into Tidewater Sanctum to defeat the group.

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Tidesage Council

Continuing into the Fonts of Cleansing, the remaining two members of the Tidesage Council try to stop the group.

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Lord Stormsong

As the group continues through the Blessed Path, they manage to reach Storm's End where Lord Stormsong, now a k'thir, is conversing with an image of Queen Azshara. Brother Pike is ensnared.

Main article: Lord Stormsong (tactics)#Quotes
Vol'zith the Whisperer

However, after Stormsong's death, a dark presence is still present within the Shrine of the Storms. The group adventures further into the Shrine of Shadows, where they find a n'raqi monster.

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Bosses Monsters NPCs


Boss Item Type
IconSmall Aqu'sirr Aqu'sirr Inv glove mail kultirasdungeon c 01 [Water Shapers] Mail gloves
Inv glove leather kultirasdungeon c 01 [Gloves of Corrupted Waters] Leather gloves
Inv belt cloth kultirasdungeon c 01 [Aqu'sirr's Swirling Sash] Cloth belt
Inv boot plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Stormsurger's Sabatons] Plate boots
Inv misc primitive ring02 [Murky Cerulean Signet] Ring
Inv misc food legion seashellh1 [Briny Barnacle] Strength trinket
IconSmall KulTiran Male IconSmall Human Female Tidesage Council Inv staff 2h battledungeon c 02 [Seabreeze] Intellect staff
Inv belt plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Belt of the Unrelenting Gale] Plate belt
Inv pant plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Ironhull's Reinforced Legplates] Plate leggings
Inv pants mail kultirasdungeon c 01 [Sea Priest's Greaves] Mail boots
Inv boot leather kultirasdungeon c 01 [Footpads of the Serene Wake] Leather boots
Inv boot cloth kultirasdungeon c 01 [Blessing Bearer's Waders] Cloth boots
Ability shaman fortifyingwaters [Galecaller's Boon] Agility trinket
Inv helm cloth kultirasquest b 01 [Ensemble: Vestments of the Tidesages] Cosmetic ensemble
IconSmall K'thir Lord Stormsong Inv sword 1h battledungeon c 01 [Aq'mar, the Tidecaller] Intellect one-hand sword
Inv cape cloth kultirasdungeon c 01 [Void-Drenched Cape] Cloak
Inv bracer mail kultirasdungeon c 01 [Bindings of the Calling Depths] Mail bracers
Inv bracer leather kultirasdungeon c 01 [Bracers of the Sacred Fleet] Leather bracers
Inv glove plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Gauntlets of Total Subservience] Plate gloves
Inv pant cloth kultirasdungeon c 01 [Leggings of the Drowned Lord] Cloth leggings
Inv helm cloth kultirasquest b 01 [Ensemble: Vestments of the Tidesages] Cosmetic ensemble
IconSmall FacelessOne Vol'zith the Whisperer Inv knife 1h battledungeon c 01 [Deep Fathom's Bite] Agility dagger
Inv helm plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Helm of Abyssal Malevolence] Azerite plate helmet
Inv helm leather kultirasdungeon c 01 [Cowl of Fluid Machinations] Azerite leather helmet
Inv helm cloth kultirasdungeon c 01 [Stormlurker's Cowl] Azerite cloth helmet
Inv shoulder leather kultirasdungeon c 01 [Tentacle-Laced Spaulders] Azerite leather shoulders
Inv shoulder cloth kultirasdungeon c 01 [Mantle of Void-Touched Waters] Azerite cloth shoulders
Inv chest plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Chestguard of the Deep Denizen] Azerite plate chest
Inv chest mail kultirasdungeon c 01 [Hauberk of Sunken Despair] Azerite mail chest
Inv belt mail kultirasdungeon c 01 [Chain of Consummate Power] Mail belt
Inv misc food legion seashellc1 [Conch of Dark Whispers] Intellect trinket


Notes and trivia[]

  • The Shrine looks similar to the original concept for the Dragon Isles.
  • Trying to enter the uninstanced version of the Shrine causes you to be given the debuff Choking Fog and be teleported out to one of two locations:


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Given the night elf heritage found within Kul Tiras[4] and how thousands of years ago, ten magisters were exiled from Highborne society (and presumably Suramar) for seeking power in the void and eventually found Kosumoth the Hungering,[5] a servant of N'Zoth, just northwest of the islands of Kul Tiras, and below the shrine is an extension of N'Zoth's body, and the presence of a moonwell in Sagehold that holds the Inv staff 2h kultirasquest b 02 [Rod of Tides] it is possible that other Highborne exiles who dabbled in the void prior to Azshara's bargain with N'Zoth settled somewhere to conduct Void rituals.



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