This article is about the Shadowlands covenant sigils. For the former death knight items of the same name, see sigil (relic).

Four of the five sigils. (From left to right: night fae, necrolord, kyrian, and venthyr.)

The sigils (sometimes capitalized as Sigils[1][2][3][4] and occasionally referred to as covenant sigils[5]) are five[6] objects that were long ago given to each of the Eternal Ones of the Shadowlands as symbols of their covenants' purpose. The Eternal One Zovaal saw them as keys to forbidden knowledge and tried to claim the sigils of the other Eternal Ones by force, leading his siblings to banish him to the Maw and make him its Jailer.[7]

Ages later, with the Shadowlands in disarray, the Jailer once again began working to claim the sigils. If he obtained all five, nothing would stop him from reaching the Sepulcher of the First Ones.[8] He eventually obtained four of the five keys, at which point the Primus decreed that the mortal heroes of Azeroth had to defeat Zovaal in the Sanctum of Domination. As a contingency in case their assault failed, the covenants also had to create new sigils so that they could pursue Zovaal to the Sepulcher. In order for new sigils to be made, however, each covenant first had to "remember its purpose... and find its future".[9]

The assault did indeed fail, with Zovaal claiming the fifth sigil from the Arbiter and using the combined power to open a portal to Zereth Mortis, the location of the Sepulcher. The covenants gathered at Keeper's Respite in Korthia to enact the Primus' contingency plan and presented the four new sigils they'd made, which the Primus could use—along with a replacement for the Arbiter's sigil—to forge a key to follow Zovaal.[10] The Arbiter's attendants later recreated the sigil, allowing them and the Primus to open a new portal to Zereth Mortis.[11]


Venthyr (Revendreth)

Sire Denathrius of Revendreth willingly gave his sigil to the Jailer at some point.[1][7][12] In order for Prince Renathal and his allies to create a new one, they would need all seven medallions of the Court of Harvesters, including the Medallion of Wrath held by the Stonewright, who up until then had remained neutral.[1][13][14] Renathal and his allies sought out the Stonewright to inform her that her old nemeses—the nathrezim—had returned to the Shadowlands and that they needed her medallion. However, several members of Renathal's envoy were subsequently revealed to be disguised nathrezim who proceeded to steal the Medallion of Wrath.[15] After a chase around Revendreth, the Stonewright, a Maw Walker, and their companions defeated the nathrezim Mal'Ganis and took back the medallion.[16] The Maw Walker brought the medallion to Sinfall, where Renathal, the Stonewright, and the other Harvesters used the assembled medallions to forge a new sigil.[17] The Stonewright subsequently delivered the sigil to the Primus along with the unity and purpose of Revendreth.[10]

Kyrian (Bastion)

The Jailer obtained the sigil of Kyrestia—Archon of the kyrian—by sending his disguised vessel, the dominated Anduin Wrynn, to Elysian Hold under the pretense of wanting an audience with the Archon. Anduin used the mourneblade Kingsmourne to stab Kyrestia through the chest and extract the sigil before returning to the Maw to give it to his master.[18]

Forging a new sigil required the presence of all five of Bastion's paragons and temples. Kyrestia initially wanted to replace the deceased Devos, former Paragon of Loyalty, by naming her polemarch Adrestes to the same position. However, he convinced her to replace the virtue of Loyalty with Devotion, since it was Loyalty that had led to the fracturing of the kyrian and the forming of the rebel Forsworn.[19] After rededicating the Citadel of Loyalty into the Temple of Devotion and recruiting the Forsworn to the cause,[20] the kyrian gathered at the Seat of the Archon, where Kyrestia anointed Adrestes the Paragon of Devotion. The five paragons and the Archon then worked together to form the new sigil, which Kyrestia declared would symbolize their path forward and the unity between kyrian and Forsworn.[4] Uther subsequently delivered the sigil to the Primus along with the devotion of Bastion.[10]

Night fae (Ardenweald)

After the attack on the Archon, the Jailer sent a Mawsworn army to claim the Winter Queen's sigil, triggering the Battle of Ardenweald. The queen hid her sigil inside the Heart of the Forest to keep it safe, but Anduin managed to breach the Heart and absorb the sigil into Kingsmourne—causing the Heart to partially wither in the process—before escaping back to his master.[21] After the completion of a ritual to stabilize the powers of the Night Warrior Tyrande Whisperwind, the Winter Queen used the Sisters' Tear—created by herself and Elune—to heal the Heart of the Forest, bringing the forces of Death and Life into harmony once more and giving rise to a new night fae sigil.[22] Lady Moonberry subsequently delivered this sigil to the Primus along with the steadfastness of Ardenweald.[10]

Necrolord (Maldraxxus)

Before he went to investigate the Maw, the Primus of Maldraxxus entrusted his sigil to the attendants of Korthia.[6] He believed that even locking it away in the Vault of Secrets might not be enough to keep it safe,[8] so he created an additional safeguard by binding it with the magic of memory, which he believed that not even Zovaal could untangle.[23]

The Primus subsequently traveled to the Maw, where the Jailer defeated him, took his memories from him, and turned him into the Runecarver.[24] The sigil, however, remained safe in Korthia for years until the Jailer pulled the entire realm into the Maw and sent his Mawsworn to attack the Vault of Secrets. Unaware of what the Jailer was after, the attendant leader Tal-Galan decided he and a Maw Walker had to claim the prize in question before the Mawsworn did. He enlisted the Primus' apprentice, Bonesmith Heirmir, to accompany them and help open the vault.[25] By recreating the message the Primus had given to the attendants, the group learned what the Mawsworn's objective was and made their way to the Chamber of the Sigil. The Mawsworn Xalvez the Collector attacked them and tried to steal the prize, but Heirmir and the Maw Walker defeated him and took the bound sigil back to Keeper's Respite.[23]

Highlord Bolvar noted that the magic binding it was reminiscent of the Maw Walker's interactions with the Runecarver and suggested that the amnesiac prisoner was their best chance of untangling it. Heirmir and the hero traveled to Torghast and gave the sigil to the Runecarver, unexpectedly restoring all of his memories and causing him to transform back into the Primus. The Jailer immediately noticed this and arrived with Anduin and an army of Mawsworn. With help from Heirmir and the hero, the Primus tried to hold off the attackers and reminded Zovaal that "Should you strike me down, my sigil will be lost to you forever". However, he wasn't expecting the Jailer's vessel to be carrying a mourneblade, and Anduin managed to use Kingsmourne to sever the sigil from the Primus' body and launch it into the Jailer's hand. Zovaal and his minions then left,[24] allowing the Primus to return to Keeper's Respite with his allies and reveal his contingency plan to have each of the covenants make new sigils.[9]

After the covenants dealt with the most immediate threats to their position by defeating the Jailer's servants Helya and Vyraz, the Primus reforged his sigil and entrusted it to Draka until he had need of it,[26] at which point Draka delivered it back to him along with the might of Maldraxxus.[10]

The Arbiter

The fifth sigil originally belonged to Zovaal himself when he served as the Arbiter of the Shadowlands, but it was stripped from him when he betrayed the other Eternal Ones and was used to create a new Arbiter to replace him.[10] The sigil appeared as a floating orb in the center of the new Arbiter's chest.[27] In the warning he left at the Seat of the Primus, the Primus described the Arbiter as "the final key" and stated that she had to be protected at all costs.[28] During the Battle of Ardenweald, the Knights of the Ebon Blade stayed in Oribos to keep the Arbiter's essence safe.[7]

At the end of the confrontation between Azeroth's heroes and Sylvanas Windrunner, the Jailer engulfed Oribos in the Maw. He blasted the Arbiter with a bolt of power and then drew her essence out of her body, causing her to disintegrate. The orb entered the hole at the center of his chest, restoring the power that had been taken from him, fully empowering him with a suit of armor, and allowing him to escape with Anduin through a portal to the Sepulcher.[27] The Primus told the Maw Walkers that he'd have to find something to replace the Arbiter's sigil in order to follow Zovaal.[10] When the time arrived, the Primus gathered with three of the Arbiter's attendantsTal-Inara the Honored Voice, Overseer Kah-Delen, and Overseer Kah-Sher—in the Crucible. Although her presence was "lost to darkness", the Arbiter's voice still "sang" within her attendants, allowing them to recreate her sigil with the Primus' help. They then used all five sigils to create a gateway of their own to Zereth Mortis.[11]


The Prototype Pantheon in the Sepulcher of the First Ones drop a trinket named  [The First Sigil], whose effect associates it with all four covenants. It's unknown how this relates to the other sigils.


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