Sik'vess is the southwestern kypari tree in Townlong Steppes. The Sha of Hatred has made it's way here after destroying Hatred's Vice and the Dusklight Hollow. Three elite mantid hold parts of a crystal that will open the door into the Sik'vess Lair on the tree's northeast side: Korvexxis, Serevex, and Rothek. From there, the Sha of Hatred awaits.

Sik'vess's territory is bordered clockwise from the north by the Shado-Pan Garrison, Rensai's Watchpost, the Farwatch Overlook, the Widening Deep, and the Hollowed Out Tree.

Dig sites

There are three Mantid archaeology dig sites here: Sik'vess Digsite, North Sik'vess Digsite and West Sik'vess Digsite.

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