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Not to be confused with Sigryn.
Image of Silgryn
Gender Male
Race Nightborne (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Suramar, The Nightfallen, Horde
Occupation Spell-fencer[1]
Location Various
Status Alive
Student(s) Arluelle
Companion(s) Kal (pet companion)

Silgryn (pronounced "SIHL-grihn")[2] is a nightborne spell-fencer (swordsman) located in Suramar. He is initially a guard in Suramar City, patrolling the outer city with his pet owl Kal, before joining First Arcanist Thalyssra's rebellion against Grand Magistrix Elisande.


Though a member of the Duskwatch Silgryn, was loyal to Thalyssra's cause to liberate the Nightborne from the grip of the Burning Legion and Elisande.[3] After aiding heroes in gaining the Inv helm mask fittedalpha b 01 nightborne 02 [Masquerade] mask, he worked with Ly'leth Lunastre to spread discord among the nightborne and aiding the Nightfallen. He was an acquaintance of Spellblade Aluriel and Thoramir, Second Blade of Elisande, and was skilled enough to have held the latter's position had he remained loyal to the magistrix. Silgryn's conscience could not allow him to do so.[4]

During the insurrection, he joins the Nightfallen, along with the forces of Tyrande Whisperwind and Lady Liadrin, in invading Suramar City. He also works with Arluelle, instructing her in swordplay.[5] He then leads the rebels against Rozzeleth.


Velen rallies Vindicaar

The forces aboard the Vindicaar prepare to assault Argus.

Silgryn later traveled to Bladefist Bay in Durotar to join the sail on The Sunstrider to the Exodar and from there to Argus aboard the draenei's new dimensional ship, the Vindicaar. Once there, he notes how the fate of the planet once again reaffirmed for him that rejecting the Legion's offer was the right path, and speaks to Liadrin about how seeing Argus makes him realize the fate that almost befell his people. He asks how Liadrin's people found their own path forward, to which she responds that the Horde has become allies with which together the blood elves have struggled through dark times and find strength. Silgryn thanks her and says that she has given him much to ponder.

Silgryn can also be found at Darkfall Ridge where he fights demons seeking to reach the Vindicaar.

The Horde[]

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Remember the Sunwell quest 1

Silgryn (right) and Valtrois (left) attend the meeting in Silvermoon City.

After Elisande's demise, he and The Nightfallen relocated to the Nighthold, where they would see to the restoration of Suramar from the civil war and demonic occupation, under the rule of First Arcanist Thalyssra and the Nightfallen. Shortly before the Fourth War, Thalyssra chose to seek new allies for the nightborne as they reentered the world after thousands of years of isolation.

The First Arcanist would meet with Lady Liadrin of Silvermoon and the Horde in order to discuss her people's potential entry into the faction. At the Estate of the First Arcanist, the two discussed the details of this, with Silgryn and several others also present.[6] Thalyssra subsequently accepted Liadrin's invitation to visit Silvermoon City, and traveled there accompanied by Silgryn and Valtrois. After meeting with the blood elf Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron and the high elf hero Alleria Windrunner, the nightborne trio would take part in a visit to the mythical Sunwell on the Isle of Quel'Danas.[7]

There, prompted by Alleria Windrunner's connection to the Void, those gathered and the Sunwell itself were attacked by the forces of Nether-Prince Durzaan. Thalyssra, Valtrois, and Silgryn aided the others in defending against the assailants, and eventually managed to close the rift through which they arrived. In the wake of the incident, Thalyssra would pledge the loyalty of Suramar and the nightborne to the Horde's cause.

Silgryn would afterward remain in the Nighthold with the other Nightfallen leadership, and can be met by new nightborne adventurers.

The Vow Eternal[]

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A few years later, Silgryn and his pet owl were among those who attended the wedding of Lor'themar Theron and Thalyssra. After the shaman Kurog Grimtotem was discovered to have crashed the wedding and caused a scene with Wrathion, he was ordered to leave with Silgryn, ensuring that he didn't get lost on the way out.[8]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Suramar 110 1,039,267
H [45] The Hand of Fate 110 8,314,140
Vindicaar 110 13,660,127
Antoran Wastes 110 13,726,640
H [40-70] Thalyssra's Estate 110 13,726,640



  • Well met.
  • Aran'arcana.
  • Order must be restored.
  • By my blade, I will protect Suramar.
  • The Shal'dorei are suffering.
  • If you are trying to incite me, it will not work.
  • I am disciplined by thousands of years of training. Your petty harassment rolls off like morning dew from the leaves of my garden.
  • Be strong... be strong...
  • Enough! Sic him, Kal! Go for the eyes!
  • You are lucky my owl likes you.
  • Farewell.
  • Step carefully.
  • An'ratha adore.
  • Keep your blades clean.
  • Be kind, or be strong.
N [45] Crackdown

I cannot condone Elisande's violence against our people. We must endure.


Elisande will pay for this treachery.

Instructing Arluelle during Insurrection
  • Relax your shoulders. You are limiting your mobility.
  • Loosen your grip on your blade. No need to clutch it so tightly.
  • Control your breathing. Exhale forcefully with your thrust.
Vindicaar discussion

<Silgryn seems to be deep in thought, as he is even more stoic and silent than usual.>

Gossip <Stay awhile and listen.>
Silgryn says: In my entire lifetime, I never left the borders of Suramar. To see this place is to understand the fate that almost befell my people.
Lady Liadrin says: And nearly mine as well. The sin'dorei also had a leader who struck a bargain with the Legion, poisoning us in the process.
Silgryn says: An unbridled thirst for power is the most terrible corruption of all. How did your people find their path forward?
Lady Liadrin says: We banded together to fight for our place on Azeroth. And we realized we needed allies to stand with us.
Silgryn says: And has the Horde served that purpose for you?
Lady Liadrin says: It has. Make no mistake, ours has not been an easy road, and we have struggled through dark times. But together we face a world that has often turned its back on us. Together, we find strength.
Silgryn says: A valuable perspective, Lady Liadrin. You have given me much to ponder.
Vindicaar gossips
  • These lightforged draenei have spent lifetimes fighting the Legion. Perhaps even I could learn a thing or two from them.
  • If only Oculeth were here. He would have had a field day studying this ship...
    And probably have figured out a way to destroy it by now. You are right, probably for the best that he did not come with us.
  • I do hope that Arluelle is keeping up her lessons. I gave her a small list of exercises to do every day. Interested? It's quite simple. One hundred push ups. One hundred sit ups. One hundred squats. A ten thousand nine hundred thirty-six yard run.
  • The Duskwatch will do well having Victoire in its ranks once more.
  • I am glad to see that Arluelle continues her training. She appears stronger already.
Perhaps I should measure her improvement.
  • It is a pity the Lightforged could not be convinced to join our side. Their martial prowess is formidable.
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It is a pity the lightforged draenei did not join the Horde, they are quite formidable opponents.

Notes and trivia[]

  • He is the first NPC of the Legion-introduced races to appear outside of the Broken Isles, in Durotar before the start of the Argus Campaign.
  • The list of exercises he mentions in his Vindicaar gossip is a reference to One Punch Man, in which the titular character gained the strength to kill anything in one punch by doing the same workout for three years.
  • Silgryn is voiced by Bob Joles.[9]

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