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Alliance & HordeSilithyst
Level 1-60
Type PvP World Quest
Category Silithus
Experience 18,900 XP
Reputation +500 Cenarion Circle
Rewards 100x [Alliance Qiraji Commendation] or
100x [Horde Qiraji Commendation]

Silithyst is a PvP world quest, serving as a callback to The Silithyst Must Flow, added in Patch 1.12.




You will receive:

Notes and guide

Silithyst spawns in an area centered on [47, 57] on both sides of the road southwest of the Bones of Grakkarond. Interacting with a Silithyst Geyser or Silithyst Mound will immediately flag the player for PvP. While carrying the dust, players are treated much like they were a flag carrier in Capture the Flag modes of PvP: mounting, gaining stealth or invulnerability will cause the player to drop the dust. Additionally, any run speed-enhancing abilities will not work as well.

Run on foot to the collection point. The Alliance turn-in point is to the northwest, at [39.0, 46.9] on the edge of Hive'Zora, while the Horde camp is off to the southeast at [54.9, 63.5] on the edge of Hive'Regal.

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