Silver Covenant Agent

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Not to be confused with Silver Covenant Agent (Purge of Dalaran).
AllianceSilver Covenant Agent
Image of Silver Covenant Agent
Gender Both
Race High elf (Humanoid)
Level 80
Class Rogue
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Silver Covenant
Occupation Agent
Location Underbelly, Dalaran[36, 55]
Status Killable

The Silver Covenant Agent is a high elf found at the Cantrips & Crows tavern in Dalaran.


  • Ability backstab.png  Backstab — Inflicts normal damage plus 3 to an enemy, but only if attacking from behind. 
  • Ability rogue eviscerate.png  Eviscerate — Finishing move that causes damage. 
  • Ability ensnare.png  Hooked Net — Immobilizes an enemy for 3 sec. and inflicts Physical damage. 
  • Spell shadow ritualofsacrifice.png  Sinister Strike
  • Ability rogue masterofsubtlety.png  Vanish — Teleports the caster behind the target. Also frees the caster from any bonds. 
  • Ability stealth.png  Vanish — Puts the caster in stealth mode for 7 sec. 

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When attacked
You Sunreaver lackeys are all the same.

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