Not to be confused with Silvermoon Guardian.
HordeSilvermoon City Guardian
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 60
Class Paladin Icon-TCG.png
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Silvermoon City
Occupation Guard
Location Silvermoon City; Eversong Woods

"Silvermoon Sentinels" (TCG art)

Silvermoon City Guardians are max level guards located throughout the blood elf capital of Silvermoon City. They give directions to various locations within the city. They also appear in Eversong Woods.



Where in our fair city do you wish to go?

Gossip Auction House
We have two auction houses within Silvermoon. Which would you prefer?
  • Gossip To the west.
The western auction house can be found in the middle of the Bazaar, just west of the Walk of Elders.
  • Gossip To the east.
The Royal Exchange auction house can be found in the eastern part of the city, just south of the training area for the blood knights and rangers.
Gossip Bank
Which path do you wish to pursue?
  • Gossip The west.
The Bank of Silvermoon can be found within the Bazaar. Seek it out in the southeast corner.
  • Gossip The east.
If you're seeking a bank in the eastern part of the city, look no further that the Royal Exchange. It lies along the north wall therein.
Gossip Dragonhawk Master
Skymistress Gloaming and her dragonhawks are just outside and to the west of the Sheperd's Gate.
Gossip Class trainer
Which path do you wish to pursue?
  • Gossip Druid
One of the druids? Our people don't walk that path... but you are in luck. A tauren woman - at least, I believe it's a woman - has set up a modest residence on the north end of the Walk of Elders. Harene Plainwalker is her name.
  • Gossip Hunter
Oh. You're seeking one of... them. Well, if you truly want to waste your time speaking with those backwards individuals, you'll find the rangers in Farstriders' Square. Zandine can take care of you.
  • Gossip Mage
Ah, seeking the masters of the arcane? You can find Quithas and the other magisters within the Sunfury Spire.
  • Gossip Paladin
Lady Liadrin, matriarch of the Blood Knights, has the Knights' headquarters in an enclave in Farstriders' Square. You'll need to speak to Champion Bachi there if you are looking for instruction. Be respectful while there if you value your head.
  • Gossip Priest
The priests of our fair city can be found within the Sunfury Spire. Seek out the lady Belestra.
  • Gossip Rogue
The more agile of us can sometimes be difficult to spot, but nonetheless, you'll probably run across the rogue Zelanis and his cohorts deep within Murder Row.
  • Gossip Shaman
Shaman...? A troll mystic of some sort has come to the city recently to visit Harene upon the Walk of Elders. She might be able to help you.
  • Gossip Warlock
The summoning of demons is a dangerous practice, but the resulting power can be immense. Our resident expert is Alamma, who watches over warlocks within Murder Row.
  • Gossip Warrior
Alsudar the Bastion and the other warrior trainers may be found overlooking Farstriders' Square, from near the foundry.
  • Gossip Monk
Old Sho can be found in the Farstrider's Square [sic], practicing his moves.
  • Gossip Guild Master & Vendor
Tandrine is the guild master of Silvermoon. Her residence is along the Walk of Elders, close to the Magister's Gate.
Gossip Inn
Do you mean the Silvermoon City Inn, or the Wayfarer's Rest tavern?
  • Gossip The Silvermoon City Inn
The Silvermoon City Inn, located in the Royal Exchange, is run by a talented woman named Velandra. I'm told that the renowned vinemaster can sometime be found there, as well.
  • Gossip The Wayfarer's Rest tavern
The Wayfarer's Rest tavern is located between the Walk of Elders and the Bazaar. You can reach it from either location.
Gossip Mailbox
We have an abundance of mailboxes in our fair city. The one by the Royal Exchange Bank should certainly fit your needs.
Gossip Profession Trainer
Which profession do you seek to learn?
  • Gossip Alchemy
The alchemists are located in the Court of the Sun: you'll find Camberon eager to teach you anything you might want to know about the art of brewing potions.
  • Gossip Archaeology
Seek out the Reliquary in the Royal Exchange: doubtless one of that organization's many archaeologists will be there and can likely assist you.
  • Gossip Blacksmithing
Bemarrin teaches the trade of blacksmithing in Farstriders' Square. While a somewhat... dirty trade, I suppose it has its merits.
  • Gossip Cooking
Sylann, one of the finest cooks in the city, can be found upstairs in the Wayfarer's Rest tavern. You can purchase cooking supplies from her assistant there, too.
  • Gossip Enchanting
The enchanter Sedana is currently accepting apprentices, I believe. You'll find her in one of the alcoves within the Court of the Sun.
  • Gossip Engineering
An odd choice... but I suppose I'm not one to judge. Danwe is the one you're after: her engineering stand lies near the Court of the Sun, on the path to Farstriders' Square.
  • Gossip First Aid
Alestus is a master at the... messier way of mending wounds. If learning first aid is your aim, seek him out on the Walk of Elders, near the entrance to the Royal Exchange.
  • Gossip Fishing
The waters of Quel'Thalas are teeming with fish: I take it they caught your eye? Drathen is quite experienced with the tricks of the fishing trade, and can be found on the Walk of Elders near the Royal Exchange.
  • Gossip Herbalism
Botanist Nathera has a keen eye for finding herbs, and I imagine she might impart her wisdom to the likes of you. You'll find her with the alchemists in an alcove of the Court of the Sun.
  • Gossip Inscription
You can find the scribe, Zantasia in the Court of the Sun.
  • Gossip Jewelcrafting
If jewelcrafting is what you seek, you'll find Kalinda's shop on the south end of the Royal Exchange.
  • Gossip Leatherworking
Along the southeast end of the Walk of Elders, Lynalis has set up a fine leatherworking stand. She'll train you... for a fee.
  • Gossip Mining
If digging in the dirt is the sort of pasttime you find enjoyable, go share your insanity with Belil in Farstriders' Square. I'm certain he'll be happy to see he's not the only crazy one.
  • Gossip Skinning
Tyn is quite the talented skinner; she produces the finest lynx hides I've yet seen. If you wish to learn from her, you'll find her on the southeast end of the Walk of Elders.
  • Gossip Tailoring
The tailor Keelen is always seeking more curious students to teach his delicate craft. His shop is somewhat difficult to uncover at first, but it's just north of the auction house in the Bazaar. You'll find him on the lower level of the building.
Gossip Stable Master
Shalenn tends the animals within the city and prevents them from running amok while their masters continue to fritter their lives away. She stands in Farstriders' Square, just outside the rangers' hall.
Gossip Other Continents
We have long sought exclusion from others and so do not have many connections to other lands. As part of our pact with the Horde we do offer travel to the other cities and fronts.
Where are you looking to travel?
Gossip Undercity or Orgrimmar
To get to Undercity and on to Orgrimmar or Kalimdor, you will need to use the Teleporter located within the Sunfury Spire.


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  • They react to the emotes, /kiss, /rude, /shy and /eye (for paladins).
  • They bear a great similarity to the blood elf spellbreakers of The Frozen Throne, except they lack the face mask.
  • They seem to be members of the Blood Knight order, with the Trading Card Game confirming they are paladins.[1]
  • If a blood elf paladin uses the emote "/eye" on a Guardian, the Guardian will kneel before him/her.
  • When asked where the hunter trainer is, they will respond rudely, referring to them as "backward individuals". They react the same way when asked for the location of the mining trainer, calling him "insane" for enjoying "digging in the dirt". This further contributes to the air of political factionalism in Silvermoon City.
  • Until Patch 8.1.0, all Silvermoon guards were males because there was only one blood elf model using the Silvermoon shield and spear. Since the introduction of individual weapon models and guard gear, the guardians can now be both males and females.
    • They originally used the beta blood elf model, which was based off the night elf model.


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