Not to be confused with Silvermoon City Guardian.
HordeSilvermoon Guardian
Image of Silvermoon Guardian
Gender Both
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Silvermoon City
Occupation Guard
Location Eversong Woods

Silvermoon Guardians are wandering guards found patrolling Dawning Lane south to Falconwing Square, as well as the road between Fairbreeze Village and Farstrider Retreat in the blood elf starting zone of the Eversong Woods. They give directions to various locales within Eversong as well as some in Silvermoon City.

Level 100 versions will spawn if any PvP-enabled NPCs are engaged within Eversong.

During the Legion Invasions, some of them could spawn in the Northern Barrens to help their allies defend against the Burning Legion.


  • Glory to the Sun K-- ah... Silvermoon!
  • Even the Light is no match for the indomitable will of our people.

You seek something in our fair land?

Gossip Dragonhawk Master

Skymaster Skyles stands just before the gate to Eversong Woods.

Gossip Guild Master & Vendor

If you're looking to register a guild, I would suggest inquiring within the walls of Silvermoon City itself.

Gossip Inn

Delaniel keeps her inn well in the southeastern corner of Falconwing Square. Good food, fine wine, soft beds... what more could one ask for?

Gossip Stable Master

Some rangers seem to be unable to look after their beastly charges themselves. If you simply must stow such a thing somewhere in town, Anathos will take it off your hands. She waits and works in Falconwing Square, outside the inn.

Gossip Class Trainer

Which path do you wish to pursue?
Gossip Druid
A cow woman who claims to be a druid has set up camp within Silvermoon. She's no doubt grazing on our planters as we speak.
Gossip Hunter
The rangers take their lessons from Hannovia, a farstrider who stays in the northeast building of Falconwing Square.
Gossip Mage
Garridel teaches the acrane arts within Falconwing Square: you can find her on the second floor of the inn.
Gossip Paladin
Blood Knight Noellene awaits young trainees within the northeast building of the square.
Gossip Priest
If priestly knowledge is what you seek, Ponaris is your man. He work with the others on the second floor of Delaniel's inn.
Gossip Rogue
There's a building in the northeast of Falconwing Square... within, you'll most likely find Tannaria, a woman well-skilled in remaining out of sight.
Gossip Warlock
Celoenus is our resident expert on the summoning of demons. He resides in the Falconwing Square inn, no doubt on the second floor.
Gossip Warrior
You will find Lothan Silverblade where you can find weapons and armor. A warrior is never far from his blade.

Gossip Profession Trainer

Look for Saren, in the Falconwing Square inn.
You'll find him upstairs, near the kitchens.

In the TCG

Icon-TCG.png This section contains information from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and is considered non-canon.

They are considered paladins.[1]

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