Silvermoon Sentinels

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Silvermoon Sentinels
Silvermoon Sentinels TCG Card.jpg
Full art
"Bal'a dash, Malanore"
Faction Horde
Type Ally
Tags Unlimited
Rules When Silvermoon Sentinels enters play, it deals 1 holy damage to each hero for each ally named Silvermoon Sentinels in your party.
Race Blood Elf
Class Paladin
ATK type Melee

The in-game unit this card portrays is named Silvermoon City Guardian, rather than Silvermoon Sentinel.

See also Silvermoon City Guardians
Cost 2
Set Fires of Outland
Number 184/246
Rarity Common
Artist Leonard Boyarsky
Health 2
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This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.