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NeutralSimple Solutions
Start Initiate Goldmine [44.4, 11.6]
End Initiate Goldmine [44.4, 11.6]
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Twilight Highlands
Experience 55200
Reputation +250 Earthen Ring
Rewards 9g
Previous N [84] Torn Ground
Next N [84] The Maw of Iso'rath


Gather 10 barrels of Pyreburn Oil.


I'm new to this gig. Very new. But ya know what? That gives me perspective!

These shaman buddies of mine have come upon somethin' great, but they're too single minded! They lean on the elements and they forget to make use of the common materials all around them.

In the ruins to the south, I saw those Twilight goons tote in barrels of flammable oil! They used it when they razed the town. I say we use it when we raze them.


You will receive: 9g (or 13g 15s 50c at max level)


I wonder what happens when you douse an elemental with that stuff. Jumbo-super-bonfire-elemental? I'm thinkin' so. We'll have to try.


Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Can you think of all the uses for this stuff? I definitely can't. But I can think of a lot, and I'm liking the possibilities.


Pick up N [84] Pushing Back and N [84] Unbroken before heading out. Before killing too many Twilight, head to what's left of the keep to find Yevaa, who quickly turns around and offers N [84] Mercy for the Bound.

Barrels of pyreburn litter the ground and can also be found on Twilight Captivators.


  1. A [84] The Maw of Madness / H [84] The Weeping Wound
  2. N [84] Torn Ground
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N [84] The Maw of Iso'rath
  5. N [84] Devoured
  6. N [84] The Worldbreaker
  7. N [84] The Terrors of Iso'rath
  8. N [84] Nightmare

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