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For the interactable travel NPCs, see Sinrunner (NPC). For the Banewood mobs, see Sinrunner (mob).
A wild sinrunner.
A carriage pulled by sinrunners.
Dead Blanchy, a translucent red sinrunner.

Sinrunners (affectionately called death ponies by some dredgers)[1] are a type of black horse found in Revendreth. The venthyr use them as mounts or to pull their carriages throughout the realm, and the dredgers use them as a quick taxi service as well. Sinrunners were once the steeds of dark souls, carried in the wake of either their sins or their masters' sins to Revendreth. While some chose to run free, many continue to serve darkness in death as they did in life.[2] Superstitious venthyr use sinrunner horseshoes as luck amulets.[3]



As a mount

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As a hunter pet

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Like other horses, sinrunners are tamable by hunters as part of the courser family.

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