Sinstones laid around a statue of Sire Denathrius at Pridefall Hamlet

The Sinstone of Revendreth

Sinstones are gravestone-like manifestations of a given soul's accumulated burdens of their life, generated and assigned upon arrival into Revendreth at Pridefall Hamlet.[1] Throughout Revendreth one sees sinstones, which represent the souls that have left Revendreth cleansed of sin. The venthyr Maneo is in charge of assigning sinstones to souls, where each soul is forced to chisel their sins into their stone, handed to them by a dredger.

Sinstones bear the true name and sins of a venthyr,[2][3] as souls are given a new name if they become a venthyr, requiring both being redeemed during the Ritual of Judgment and chosen to be sired by another venthyr.[4] Traditionally, the stoneborn Temel is in charge of publicly announcing the true name and sins of every single soul that has ever passed through the Halls of Atonement.[5] Souls that become venthyr are usually kept within the Sinstone Archive,[6] maintained by Archivist Fane, in both the Halls of Atonement and Archivam within the Catacombs Ward. Sinstones of powerful venthyr tend to go "missing", stolen for fear of their sinstone being used against them,[7] including compeling souls into service and submission.[8] Sinstones can also be abused by being bound to their soul,[9] as well as corrupting a bound sinstone with more anima and through the sins of others,[10][11] which can lead to instability and self destruction of the soul, which can lead souls to be condemned to the Maw.[12][13] The Curator once knew the contents and locations of every sinstone in Revendreth dating back to the foundation of the realm, essentially having all the Sinstone Archives memorized, but her time in the Maw has altered her memory temporarily.[14]

Sinstone golems are generated through the unresolved sins of those souls who failed their redemption and were condemned to the Maw and can grow more powerful if exposed to anima.[15] or they can amalgam into a construct due to the anima inherent in any sinstone either over time or through an accelerated alchemic process.[16] It seems the size of the sinstone corresponds to the amount of sins.[17] The readable sinstones found throughout the zone, except for Houndmaster Loksey's and Prince Kael'thas's, are the objectives for N [60 Daily] Census of Sins.

Within Sinfall one finds the Sinstone of Revendreth, as well as the sinstones of every sin that the Harvesters are charged with and duties otherwise.



Note: All of these objects can be read.


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