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Were you looking for the Headless Horseman or the Shade of the Horseman?
NeutralThomas Thomson
Image of Thomas Thomson
Title Son of Thomas, Sir
Gender Male
Race Human (Undead)
Level 1
Class Paladin
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Himself
Former affiliation(s) Scarlet Crusade, Knights of the Silver Hand, Kingdom of Lordaeron, Alliance of Lordaeron
Occupation Knight
Location Scarlet Monastery
Status Undead (Headless Horseman, Ghost)
Relative(s) Thomas Thomson (father)
Suzannah (wife)
Joel (son)
Gina (daughter)
Sir Thomas Legends

As a member of the Silver Hand.


Sir Thomas

Sir Thomas Thomson aka Sir Thomas <Son of Thomas> (better known as the Headless Horseman) was once a Knight of the Silver Hand and hero among his fellow paladins. He became cursed, driven insane within the Scarlet Monastery, and believed that he was alive and that everyone alive was dead. His fervor no longer served the Light. With the coming of Hallow's End, he spreads gloom and fire across the villages of Azeroth.

He appears in his true but ghostly form after his headless form is defeated. He then asks for forgiveness, and that his holy tome, the Inv misc note 01 [Tome of Thomas Thomson] be brought back to a Costumed Orphan Matron.


Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

Thomas Thomson and his family owned and worked a pumpkin farm in Tirisfal Glades, just southwest of Agamand Mills. He was one of the paladins who witnessed - and agreed with - Uther the Lightbringer and Jaina Proudmoore's rejection of Prince Arthas Menethil's proposal to purge Stratholme. He was present throughout as the Scourge destroyed Lordaeron. He witnessed Baron Rivendare's betrayal when he sent a large supply of plagued grain to a village he was defending. He received word that Prince Arthas returned from Northrend and murdered his father; Thomas believed that the foundation for the crime had begun long before he'd sailed for Northrend, if Stratholme was any indication. Five days later he was informed that Arthas had murdered Uther and many other paladins had been killed.

Desperate to keep his family safe, he ordered his wife to flee to Kalimdor, following Jaina, while he remained in Lordaeron with the Silver Hand to destroy the Scourge. Over the next four years, alongside the other paladins following the Ashbringer, Alexandros Mograine, Thomas constantly fought against the Scourge under Saidan Dathrohan's wing, a man he looked up to. Eventually, though the Silver Hand was broken when Renault Mograine murdered his father with the Ashbringer, and the founding members of the Argent Dawn, heeding High Inquisitor Fairbanks's testimony, left. Thomas stayed to join the Scarlet Crusade.

One day, however, Saidan Dathrohan led Thomas and others to a town full of refugees, who let them in under the assumption that it was just another plague check. Dathrohan gradually convinced Thomas that the population was infected, and unlike Stratholme, Thomas helped to slaughter the refugees.

He then accidentally killed his own family before he realized it was them, his daughter turning to look him in the face just as his sword struck her down last. He came to the conclusion that when he had put them on the last ship fleeing to Kalimdor, a storm that had been approaching at the time must have arrived sooner than expected and damaged it before it could leave. With Lordaeron in chaos, there would have been no shipwrights to repair it, and the other ships would have been too full, forcing the former passengers to hide wherever they could.

Broken, he was taken back to the Scarlet Monastery where he finally went mad. Believing the entire world to be infected and speaking in rhyme, he alone was the only being that could save them. After killing many of his former comrades on Hallow's End, he was confronted and beheaded. Dathrohan decided to give the fallen crusader an honorable burial. Once entombed and alone with the body, Dathrohan (who in truth was Balnazzar disguised as the fallen general) used his own blood and fel energies to raise Thomas' corpse creating the Headless Horseman with his own mad free will.[1]




For ages, I was lost. Now, finally, I see how dark my soul had become...

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