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Sire Denathrius (tactics)

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For the character's biography, see Sire Denathrius.
BossSire Denathrius
Image of Sire Denathrius
Gender Male
Race Eternal One (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Castle Nathria
Status Killable

Sire Denathrius is an Eternal One and runer of the venthyr, located in Castle Nathria.

Adventure Guide

For countless ages, Sire Denathrius stood among the Eternal Ones who rule the realms of Death. But in the Shadowlands' darkest hour, he has betrayed his sacred duty. With his bloodthirsty living blade Remornia at his side and defended by his most sycophantic loyalists, Denathrius will cut a swath through any who stand against him and cast their remains into the inescapable terror of the Maw.


Sire Denathrius yells: Look, Remornia! These daring rebels have persevered through every obstacle put before them! It seems we have little choice left but to surrender.
Remornia yells: I have a better idea, Master! Let me carve them up instead!
Sire Denathrius yells: Hmm, now there's a thought... We could flay these petulant, small-minded creatures and use their bones to pave the path for our ascension. What to do, what to do...
Remornia yells: Pleeeeeaaaase, Master! It's been so long since I cut into living flesh!
Remornia yells: Let me skewer them! Slice them! Slash them! Vivisect them! Cut ribbons from their--
Sire Denathrius yells: Pace yourself, Remornia. Rushing one's work is so... unflattering.
Sire Denathrius yells: I shall assist our guests with their atonement. Once they have repented, I will permit you to rend their bodies and send their souls screaming into the Maw.
Sire Denathrius yells: You will answer for your arrogance!
Sire Denathrius yells: Let your penance begin!
Cleansing Pain
Sire Denathrius yells: Confess your sins, lest they consume you!
Sire Denathrius yells: Pain cleanses the soul.
Blood Price
Sire Denathrius yells: Your hubris amassed a debt you cannot pay!
Sire Denathrius yells: Your vanity will cost you everything!
Command: Ravage
Sire Denathrius yells: Remornia! Exterminate this vermin.
Remornia yells: I'll splatter them across your walls!
Sire Denathrius yells: Remornia! Rid my castle of these pests.
Remornia yells: I'll carve them into itty-bitty pieces!
Intermission: March of the Penitent
Sire Denathrius yells: It is time you remembered your place mortals.
Sire Denathrius yells: Crawl to me on your knees. Surrender, and I will grant you a merciful end.
Stage Two: The Crimson Chorus
Sire Denathrius yells: Servants! Remove this refuse from my sight.
Wracking Pain
Sire Denathrius yells: Scream for me!
Sire Denathrius yells: I will cut you down!
Hand of Destruction
Sire Denathrius yells: Shadows consume you!
Sire Denathrius yells: You will all die at my feet!
Sire Denathrius yells: None will survive!
Sire Denathrius yells: You will perish together!
Command: Massacre
Sire Denathrius yells: Remornia! Massacre these whelps!
Sire Denathrius yells: Remornia! Carve screams from their flesh!
Crimson Cabalist
Sire Denathrius yells: Devoted apostles! Handle this filth.
Sire Denathrius yells: Cabal! Feast upon these meddlers.
Stage Three: Indignation
Sire Denathrius yells: Enough! I have been a patient host. I showed restraint. Even courtesy.
Sire Denathrius yells: Yet you continue to provoke my wrath. Very well. You shall have it!
Sinister Reflection
Sire Denathrius yells: My reign is everlasting!
Sire Denathrius yells: Fools! I am Revendreth!
Killing a player
Sire Denathrius yells: Brought to heel!
Sire Denathrius yells: You were never my equal!
Sire Denathrius yells: Your defiance is ended!


Sire Denathrius yells: Impossible! I am... eternal...
Remornia yells: This is not the end, Master! Let me preserve you!
Denathrius' soul is pulled into Remornia. His shoulderpads clatter to the floor as Remornia begins to escape.
General Draven yells: The blade has drawn in his essence!
Remornia yells: Zovaal shall restore you, Master! We will have vengeance!
Prince Renethal yells: No. Denathrius will answer for his betrayal.
Renethal channels a spell that seals Remornia in place.
Remornia yells: Treacherous Prince! I will skewer you! Slice you! Slash you! Vivisect you! Cut ribbons from your--
Prince Renethal yells: We've all heard quite enough from you!
Renethal silences the blade.
General Draven says: If that sword truly holds the Sire's essence, I fear your spells alone cannot keep his power contained.
Prince Renethal says: We will bring the blade to Sinfall. The naaru that the mortals rescued, Z'rali, has pledged to aid our cause.
Prince Renethal says: For too long, Denathrius has used the Light as a weapon against our people in the Ember Ward. Now it will be used to bind him.
General Draven says: A fitting fate for one so prideful. He will watch helplessly as we restore Revendreth and thwart the Jailer's schemes.
Prince Renethal says: Yes, my friend. Together with these mortals, we will claim victory.

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