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Sister Lilyana

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AllianceSister Lilyana
Image of Sister Lilyana
Title <Storm's Wake Emissary>
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 35-50 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Storm's Wake, Tidesages
Location Brennadam, Stormsong Valley
Status Alive

Sister Lilyana is a human located in Brennadam in Stormsong Valley.


Sister Lilyana
<Storm's Wake Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Honored  [Cape of the Divine Depths] 1100g Back
Schematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Gearspun Goggles (Rank 2) 1100g Recipe
 [Recipe: Contract: Storm's Wake] 1100g Recipe
Revered  [Handwraps of Deep Faith] 1400g Hands
 [Seabinder's Leggings] 1400g Legs
 [Bindings of the Seacallers] 1400g Wrist
 [Keelbreak Girdle] 1400g Waist
 [Recipe: Potion of Replenishment] 1400g Recipe
 [Recipe: Flask of Endless Fathoms] 1400g Recipe
 [Recipe: Coastal Healing Potion] 1400g Recipe
Formuala: Enchant Ring - Pact of Haste 1400g Recipe
Formuala: Enchant Weapon - Stalwart Navigation 1400g Recipe
Formuala: Enchant Weapon - Deadly Navigation 1400g Recipe
Schematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Gearspun Goggles (Rank 3) 1400g Recipe
 [Schematic: Organic Discombobulation Grenade] 1400g Recipe
 [Schematic: Interdimensional Companion Repository] 1400g Recipe
Schematic:Deployable Attire Rearranger 1400g Recipe
Design: Owlseye Loop 1400g Recipe
Design: Laribole Staff of Alacrity 1400g Recipe
Design: Scarlet Diamond Staff of Intuition 1400g Recipe
Tome of Polymorph Bumblebee 1400g Book
 [Recipe: Battle Potion of Stamina] 1400g Recipe
 [Pair of Bee Wings] 250 Polished Pet Charm Pet
Exalted  [Sea Priest's Waistcord] 1900g Waist
 [Kelp-Encrusted Bindings] 1900g Wrist
 [Stormbreaker Galoshes] 1900g Feet
 [Tidecrest Gauntlets] 1900g Hands
 [Reins of the Dapple Gray] 12,500g Mount
 [Storm's Wake Tabard] 625g Tabard
Paragon [[]] Special




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