Planting enchanted seeds at Skald will cause the soil to break into greenery, a memory of how the area used to be.

Skald is a scorched area found in Bladed Gulch in northeastern Blade's Edge Mountains. It can be found just east of Gruul's Lair. It was once a wooded region, but was destroyed when fire elementals and their pet imps moved in and burned everything to cinders. The area can surprise the unwary adventurer with its ferocity, as the elementals roam in wide patterns and can suddenly burst out and charge to seek out anyone attempting to bring back green seeds to the soil. Caution is advised.


  • This area is commonly used for farming  [Mote of Fire] to create  [Primal Fire], which is used in a number of professions and can be sold on the auction house for significant profit.

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