Image of Skar'this
Title the Heretic,
the Summoner,
Heretic of Neptulon
Gender Male
Race Naga (Humanoid)
Level 70 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Neptulon
Former affiliation(s) Illidan's Naga
Occupation Heretic
Location Slave Pens, Coilfang Reservoir
Status Alive

Skar'this the Summoner.

Skar'this is a naga and a servant of Neptulon appearing in the Slave Pens.

He usually appears as Skar'this the Heretic, a friendly naga quest giver. He can be found in a cage shortly before Rokmar the Crackler.

He also appears during the Midsummer Fire Festival as Skar'this the Summoner, a hostile mob this time. As adventurers show up, he can be seen using an Ice Stone to summon Lord Ahune. He drops no particular loot, and enjoys to repeatedly cast [Frostbolt].



Gossip as a prisoner

They fear my words. They make an example out of me. A mockery of the one true god, Neptulon.

<Skar'this spits.>

Retribution comesss, mortal. The glorious hand of the Tidehunter will one day sweep through the non-believers like a scythe against a new harvest.

Aggro during the Midsummer Fire Festival
  • How DARE you! You will not stop the coming of Lord Ahune!


  • Skar'this is one of only two naga in Outland that is not hostile to the player. The other is the Coilskar Commander in Shadowmoon Valley, but he cannot be interacted with.
  • From Skar'this's dialogue, it appears as though he is a servant of the elemental lord Neptulon, and that Vashj and her forces have turned away from him. It can only be speculated what this means for the rest of the naga.
  • There are other Heretics of Neptulon: the Heretic Emissary, her Heretic Bodyguards, and Heretic Crystal Guards.

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