NeutralSkeer the Bloodseeker
Start Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver [55.1, 35.8]
End Skeer the Bloodseeker [25.7, 50.3]
Level 30-35
Category Dread Wastes
Experience 236000
Reputation +250 The Klaxxi
Rewards 11g 40s
Next N [30-35] A Strange Appetite, N [30-35] Fine Dining, N [30-35] A Bloody Delight


Awaken Skeer the Bloodseeker in the underwater cave.

Skeer the Bloodseeker awakened [25.7, 50.3]


Our efforts to secure the shallows before Zan'vess have paid off.

We have spotted another paragon buried in amber, hidden in the waters to the southwest.

Adding another paragon to our numbers is vital. Another champion from ages past could turn the tide in our favor.

I would go immediately, but unfortunately, I am needed here.

Since you are already a Wakener, you can carry out this task in my stead.


You will receive: 11g 40s


The hunger... they said it would be fierce, but I did not expect anything like this.

It is strange to feel so... weak.



Pick up N [30-35] The Zan'thik Dig before heading out. These quests take place in different locations, so choose one to do first.

Head to the southwest corner of the mainland, southwest of the Heart of Fear. Just offshore in the Muckscale Shallows at [25.7, 54.5] is an underwater cave entrance. Dive in to reach the Muckscale Grotto. Inside are a few Muckscale Skinflayers and the Ancient Amber Chunk. Clear out the saurok, then interact with the amber chunk:

Skeer the Bloodseeker has returned! Unnngghhh...
Skeer the Bloodseeker says: Yes, Klaxxi'va. What does the Council command? Skeer hears. Skeer obeys.
Skeer the Bloodseeker says: It appears that Empress Shek'zeer has let our empire fall into chaos. This we must address. But first, I must regain my strength.

Speak to him again to turn in.


Rik'kal the Dissector
  1. N [30-35] The Zan'thik Dig
  2. N [30-35] The Dissector Wakens
Skeer the Bloodseeker
  1. N [30-35] Skeer the Bloodseeker
  2. N [30-35] A Strange Appetite & N [30-35] Fine Dining & N [30-35] A Bloody Delight
  3. N [30-35] The Scent of Blood
After completing both quest chains
  1. N [30-35] Overthrone

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