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Techniques in skinning are listed under Skinning skills. In general, the ability to skin mobs is automatically gained when new proficiencies are learnt. Techniques are passively applied bonuses that provide more or different resources when looting the specific mob. When available, each mob has three ranks of proficiency.


Legion Skinning Legion
Resource Rank 1 (increased amount) Rank 2 (chance of rare materials) Rank 3 (increased amount)
 [Fiendish Leather] N Skinning [45] Tainted Scraps N Skinning [45] A Larger Cut N Skinning [45] Order of Operations
 [Stormscale] N Skinning [10-45] Stormscale Sample N Skinning [10-45] Unfinished Treatise on the Properties of Stormscale N Skinning [10-45] Scales for Ske'rit
 [Stonehide Leather] N Skinning [10-45] Stonehide Leather Sample N Skinning [10-45] Scrap of Pants N Skinning [10-45] Leather for Ske'rit
 [Felhide] N Skinning [45] Felhide Sample N Skinning [45] An Unseemly Task N Skinning [45R] The Emerald Nightmare: The Pestilential Hide of Nythendra
Legion Butchery Change to gather extra meat while skinning. Rank 1 only. Drop from Humongris
Legion Gutting Chance for bonus crafting materials while skinning. Rank 1 only. Sold by Neutral Matthew Rabis for 250 Sightless Eye
 [Unbroken Claw] Chance for to gather Unbroken Claws while skinning. Rank 1 only. Drop from world creatures
 [Unbroken Tooth] Chance for to gather  [Unbroken Tooth] while skinning. Rank 1 only. Drop from world creatures

Battle for Azeroth

Kul Tiran and Zandalari Skinning Battle for Azeroth
Node Rank 1 (increased amount) Rank 2 (increased amount) Rank 3 (increased amount)
Leather Gathering Taught from trainer at 1 skill Brinepinch / Lost Nut Not Forgotten  [Ancient Skinning Knife] /  [Ivory Handled Dagger]
Scale Gathering A Skinning [10-50] In Pursuit of Fashion / Ceremonial Vestmentsy A Skinning [10-50] Turtle Soup / H Skinning [10-50] A Thicker Thread
Bone Gathering A Skinning [10-50] Bone Needle / H Skinning [10-50] Hexoskeleton A Skinning [10-50D] Atal'Dazar: An Unbreakable Bone Needle / H Skinning [10-50D] Loa Fit For A King