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A skinning trainer is an NPC that offers skinners the opportunity to train.

Landmass Trainer Location Coordinates Additional Information
The Maelstrom Cataclysm Neutral  KTC Train-a-Tron Deluxe Town-In-A-Box
Sky Falls
Gallywix Docks
The Lost Isles
The Lost Isles
The Lost Isles
Teaches only up to Journeyman level.

Available only to starting Goblins.

The Wandering Isle Mists of Pandaria Neutral  Whittler Dewei The Singing Pools The Wandering Isle Teaches only Apprentice level.

Available only to starting Pandaren.

Neutral  Elder Oakpaw Mandori Village The Wandering Isle Teaches only Apprentice level.

Available only to starting Pandaren.

Eastern Kingdoms Alliance  Wembil Taskwidget Kharanos Dun Morogh [53.7, 52] Teaches only Apprentice level.
Alliance  Lien Farner Goldshire Elwynn Forest [42, 67] Teaches only Apprentice level.
Alliance  Helene Peltskinner Goldshire Elwynn Forest [46.3, 62.2]
Alliance  Jack "All-Trades" Derrington Cataclysm Duskhaven
Stormglen Village
Keel Harbor
Gilneas Teaches only Apprentice level.

Available only to starting Worgen.

Alliance  Wilma Ranthal Stonewatch Falls Redridge Mountains [78.6, 63.6]
Alliance  Maris Granger Old Town Stormwind [72, 62]
Alliance  Balthus Stoneflayer The Great Forge Ironforge [39, 32]
Horde  Therisa Sallow Calston Estate Tirisfal Glades [44.5, 53] Teaches only Apprentice level.
Horde  Nedric Sallow Brill Tirisfal Glades [61, 51] Teaches only Apprentice level.
Horde  Rand Rhobart Southeast of Brill Tirisfal Glades [65.5, 60.1]
Horde  Saren Bc icon.gif Falconwing Square Eversong Woods [49, 47] Teaches only Apprentice level.
Horde  Mathreyn Bc icon.gif West of Silvermoon entrance Eversong Woods [53.8, 51.2]
Horde  Killian Hagey The Rogues' Quarter Undercity [70.8, 58.8]
Horde  Tyn Bc icon.gif Walk of Elders Silvermoon [84.0, 80.6]
Kalimdor Alliance  Iranis Shadebloom Dolanaar Teldrassil [56, 52.2] Teaches only Apprentice level.
Alliance  Radnaal Maneweaver Northwest of Ban'ethil Hollow Teldrassil [42, 49]
Alliance  Valn Bc icon.gif Azure Watch Azuremyst Isle [48.5, 52.2] Teaches only Apprentice level.
Alliance  Gurf Bc icon.gif Stillpine Hold Azuremyst Isle [44.7, 23.5]
Alliance  Humbert Tanwell Theramore Dustwallow Marsh [66.4, 45.2]
Alliance  Eladriel Craftsmen's Terrace Darnassus [60.2, 37.0]
Alliance  Remere Bc icon.gif Trader's Tier The Exodar [65, 74]
Neutral  KTC Train-a-Tron Deluxe Bilgewater Harbor Azshara [57, 50.5] Teaches only up to Journeyman level.
Horde  Runda Razor Hill Durotar [53, 42] Teaches only Apprentice level.
Horde  Lalum Darkmane Bloodhoof Village Mulgore [46.5, 57.5] Teaches only Apprentice level.
Horde  Yonn Deepcut Bloodhoof Village Mulgore [45.5, 57.9]
Horde  Malux Shadowprey Village Desolace [23.2, 69.8]
Horde  Kulleg Stonehorn Camp Mojache Feralas [74.5, 43.0]
Horde  Thuwd Kodohide Leatherworkers, the Drag Orgrimmar [61.0, 54.6]
Horde  Rento Valley of Wisdom Orgrimmar [39.6, 49.6]
Horde  Mooranta Middle rise Thunder Bluff [44.6, 43.0]
Outland Bc icon.gif Alliance  Jelena Nightsky Honor Hold Hellfire Peninsula [54.5, 62.2]
Horde  Moorutu Thrallmar Hellfire Peninsula [56.3, 38.5]
Neutral  Dremm Aldor Rise Shattrath City [37.6, 27.8] Not available to members of the Scryers.
Neutral  Irduil Scryer's Tier Shattrath City [40.8, 63.4] Not available to members of the Aldor.
Neutral  Seymour Lower City Shattrath City [63.6, 66.0]
Northrend Wrath of the Lich King Alliance  Trapper Jack Valiance Keep Borean Tundra [57.6, 71.9]
Alliance  Frederic Burrhus Valgarde Howling Fjord [59.9, 63.7]
Horde  Tiponi Stormwhisper Taunka'le Village Borean Tundra [76.3, 37.4]
Horde  Roberta Jacks Vengeance Landing Howling Fjord [78.3, 28.2]
Neutral  Derik Marks Legendary Leathers,
Magus Commerce Exchange
Dalaran [35.7, 28.8]
Pandaria Mists of Pandaria Alliance  Hao of the Stag's Horns Paw'don Village Jade Forest [44.8, 85.6]
Horde  Trapper Ri Honeydew Village Jade Forest [27.8, 15.4]
Horde  Shademaster Kiryn Location in Pandaria
depends on quest progress.
Neutral  Master Cannon Peak of Serenity Kun-Lai Summit [50.6, 42.0]
Neutral  Mr. Pleeb Nesingwary's Safari Valley of the Four Winds [16.0, 83.0]
Draenor Warlords of Draenor Alliance  Rangari Laandon Stormshield Ashran [51.8, 42.6]
Horde  Kondal Huntsworn Warspear Ashran [49.8, 39.8]
Broken Isles Legion Neutral  Glielle [[]] Azsuna [47, 45]
Neutral  Kondal Huntsworn Legendary Leathers Dalaran [35.8, 28.6]
Neutral  Seymour Nastrondir Stormheim [45.6, 25.6]

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): all trainer ranks were equalized.