Skullcrusher the Mountain (Horde)

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HordeSkullcrusher the Mountain
Start The Hammer of Twilight [45.4, 88.0]
End Warlord Zaela
Level 85 (Requires 84)
Category Twilight Highlands
Experience 104100
Reputation +500 Dragonmaw Clan
+250 Orgrimmar
Rewards  [Overly Intelligent Robes],  [Garona's Finest Leggings],  [Coulton's Crushers] or  [Treads of Terror]
28g 20s
Previous The Hammer of Twilight


Survive and then slay Skullcrusher the Mountain.


It was a trap! Cho'gall lured you in with the Hammer of Twilight so that his gronn could finish you off.

Survive and slay Skullcrusher the Mountain!

("Skullcrusher the Mountain: Bring him down!")


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest robe dungeonrobe c 03.png [Overly Intelligent Robes] Inv pants leather 43.png [Garona's Finest Leggings]
Inv gauntlets mail dungeonmail c 03.png [Coulton's Crushers] Inv boots plate dungeonplate c 03.png [Treads of Terror]

You will also receive: 28g 20s and [King of the Mountain]


You did it, <name>! You beat that damned gronn and sent Cho'gall packing into the Twilight Bastion.

Don't you worry. With your help and that of your friends, we'll get in there and we'll kill Cho'gall once and for all!


On accept:

Cho'gall and Skullcrusher teleport in.
Cho'gall yells: Back, vermin! (Insects! Weak and small!)
Cho'gall yells: Look, mortal, upon the instrument of your undoing. (The Hammer, hand of the Gods Below.) Forged of molten blood... ( of the master. His gift!) Shaped upon the Last Altar of Storm.
Cho'gall yells: The Hammer of Twilight. (The Hammer of Twilight!) Commissioned by the Aspect of Death. It is the breaker of worlds. It is not yours to wield. (Kill the intruders!) Kill them all!
Cho'gall yells: What Deathwing has set in motion... ( man can stop.) No man! Least of all you wretches! (Show them. Show them their end!)
Cho'gall teleports out as Skullcrusher backhands players off of the altar to the ledge to the northeast.
Get back up there and get into the fight!

Hop back on a flying mount and get to the altar. Skullcrusher is a boss-level gronn with 11.6 million health, being tanked by Zaela, with Cozwynn healing and Garona doing some DPS and backup tanking due to the encounter mechanics. Skullcrusher has the following abilities:

  • Massive Shockwave
  • Ground Pound Ticks for 2000 damage a second for 10 seconds or so
  • Fist of Cho'gall Used in phase 2. Instantly incapcitates whoever Skullcrusher is targeting. Right-click on the incapcitated unit to revive him.
  • Blessing of Cho'gall — Significantly increased combat prowess. Damage taken is reduced. Cast at 10%. Lasts until the reinforcements arrive
  • Adrenaline Cast on players, acts as a stacking debuff, increases movement speed by 50% each stack.

Start attacking normally. However, players and the hero units are not getting anywhere fast, so at 85%:

Lady Cozwynn yells: He is too powerful! Use the altars to harness the powers of the elements and we may stand a chance!
Activate the altars to gain the blessings of the elements, but avoid the deadly shadow altar!

There are five altars on the outside of the circle, rotating every few seconds in their elemental affiliation. Interact with them to gain 60-second duration buffs:

  • Invocation of Air — Melee, ranged, spell casting speed increased by 50%
  • Invocation of Earth — Damage taken reduced by 50%
  • Invocation of Fire — +50% damage dealt
  • Invocation of Frost — +50% crit chance
  • Invocation of Shadow — 9-10k damage a tick in the aura

Skullcrusher starts using his one-hit KO ability now, so pay attention and revive the units that have been knocked out or the fight will go south rather quickly. Stay out of range of the shadow altar!

At 10%:

Skullcrusher yells: I am the favored of the master Cho'gall. I WILL NOT FALL TO YOU.
The Dragonmaw drums fall from Zaela's unconscious body!
Lady Cozwynn says: He is too powerful! You must use the drums!
Play the Dragonmaw drums to call for reinforcements!
Dragonmaw Black Drake yells: Lok'tar ogar! (x lots)
Dragonmaw reinforcements have arrived!

Playing the drums will summon in a wing of Dragonmaw drake riders. Cozwynn will blow her [Bloodlust] at this point. Also, Skullcrusher loses his shield. Finish him off.

Fly back to Crushblow on completion.


  1. A [85] Victors' Point / H [85] Crushblow
  2. Complete all of:
  3. B [85] Move the Mountain
  4. B [85] Signal the Attack
  5. B [85] Four Heads are Better than None
  6. B [85] Up to the Citadel
  7. A [85] Just You and Mathias / H [85] Just You and Garona
  8. Complete all of:
    • Mathias'/Garona's quests:
    1. B [85] Dark Assassins & B [85] Bring the Hammer Down
    2. B [85] Distract Them for Me & B [85] The Elementium Axe
    3. B [85] Dragon, Unchained
    4. B [85] Coup de Grace
    • Earthen Ring quests:
    1. B [85] Help from the Earthcaller
    2. N [85] Spirit of the Loch
    3. N [85] Fire the Cannon
    4. B [85] Water of Life
  9. B [85] Back to the Elementium Depths (optional)
  10. B [85] Mr. Goldmine's Wild Ride
  11. N [85] A Little on the Side & N [85] While We're Here & N [85] Rune Ruination
  12. N [85] A Fiery Reunion
  13. A [85] Mathias Needs You / H [85] Garona Needs You
  14. B [85] The Hammer of Twilight
  15. B [85] Skullcrusher the Mountain

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