Skumblade Brute

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MobSkumblade Brute
Image of Skumblade Brute
Race Saurok (Humanoid)
Level 35
Affiliation(s) Skumblade tribe
Occupation Brute
Location Ihgaluk Crag, Isle of Thunder
Status Killable

Skumblade Brutes are saurok located in Ihgaluk Crag on the Isle of Thunder.


  • Confidence of Kros — Increase damage done by 200%. Increase damage taken by 200%. 1.25 sec cast. 8 sec duration.
  • Brute Slam — Slam the floor, sending opponents flying. 0.836 sec cast. Hits for ~30,000 Physical on cloth.



  • Death to mogu.
  • Enemy is walking meat.
  • Never weak. Always strong.
  • No fear. No remorse. Kill invader.
  • Sharp teeth, sharp claws.


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