Skumblade tribe

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MobSkumblade tribe
Skumblade banner.jpg
Skumblade banner
Main leader  Progenitus
Secondary leaders  Skumblade Saur-Priests
Race(s) Saurok Saurok
IconSmall Devilsaur2.gif Devilsaur
Base of operations Ihgaluk Crag, Isle of Thunder
Theater of operations Isle of Thunder

The Skumblade tribe of saurok are led by the Skumblade Saur-Priests, who promote the idea that the saurok were not created by the mogu, but instead were created by Kros, the invisible devilsaur in the sky. Kroshik is held to be a gift from Kros and a glimpse at the Skumblade's future.

Several members were taken as prisoners by Garrosh Hellscream and the True Horde.


The Saur-Priests of the Skumblade rule through their religious dogma, inciting their fellow Skumblade into conflict by promising them the paradise of an eternal hunt, should they serve the tribe. The weak, however, are condemned to be the hunted in Kros' afterlife.[1] With that in mind, it should be noted that the Saur-Priests do not hunt themselves, they merely eat from the kills of others.[2] With the aid of the Filthmongers, the Saur-Priests have promoted the idea that cultivating filth will keep enemies of the tribe away, for fear of sickness. To this end, they are protective of their roaches, rotting meat, and partially consumed corpses.[3] A dead Skumblade is food for the tribe and filth to keep the enemy away. Flesh and the consumption of flesh denotes strength to them.[4]

Brutes would logically be held in high regard, for they are physically the strongest of their kind, while Fleshrippers and Scavengers seem to be middling in terms of rank in the tribal hierarchy. Seadragons are held in lower regard, for they keep the shores filthy and hunt in water, which the Saur-Priests regard as heretical. Regardless, the task of keeping the waters filthy must go to someone, so they are tolerated.[5] The lowest of the low, however, are the Shortfangs, who are too weak to defend themselves, and thus must rely upon a trained pet, generally an indigenous basilisk. They are shunned and abused by other members of the tribe.[6] They are last to eat when Kroshik is being sacrificed. Shortfangs can ascend from their position, though it also possible for a higher ranking Skumblade to fall into disgrace and become a Shortfang.[7]

The Skumblade view all outsiders as a threat, but enjoy reaping the rewards of their conflict, as the corpses left behind mean more meat and filth for the scavengers to collect.[8]

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