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For the specific critter, see Skunk (critter).

Skunks are critters that can be found across Azeroth and Outland. They are commonly found in Terokkar Forest, Azuremyst Isle, and Bloodmyst Isle, but can also be found in the Howling Fjord; more specifically, the Isle of Spears.

Skunks are known as solitary creatures for reasons which are hopefully obvious.[1] The ferocious highlands skunk can spray an attacker from thirty yards away, temporarily blinding them.[2] The mountain skunk is most famous for its adventurous nature. No really, that is what it is famous for.[3]

They are commonly received as being adorable.



As a companion pet

In the RPG

  This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Skunk musk is an overpowering scent, it can be detected upwind at long range.[4][5]