NeutralSky-Captain Cableclamp
Image of Sky-Captain Cableclamp
Title <The Purple Princess>
Gender Female
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 40
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Purple Princess, Tirisfal Glades or Northern Stranglethorn

Sky-Captain Cableclamp commands The Purple Princess, the zeppelin that runs between Brill and Grom'gol Base Camp. A laid back captain, she allows most of her crew to relax when ever they can. She doesn't mind the guards sleeping while traveling, but when docked she expects them to at least try and look like they're doing their job. She usually only has a problem with Watcher Umjin, who tends to do nothing but sleep; she gave him the post as a favor to his family.



Welcome aboard <class>. Take a load off and enjoy the trip. Aboard "The Purple Princess" we want you to relax. We have vending machines down below if there's anything you might need while aboard.

When arriving at a zeppelin tower
Sky-Captain Cablelamp clears her throat loudly.
Sky-Captain Cablelamp says: Watcher, we have docked. On your feet!
Sky-Captain Cablelamp says: Is your job so hard that you don't even have the energy to stand at the ready when we dock? I gave you this post as a favor to your family. Don't make me regret that decision.


  • Her original hair color was brown.

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