For the wand item, see  [Skycaller]. For the characters with the name Skycaller, see Aurora Skycaller and Manduil Skycaller.

A Faithless Skycaller.

Skycallers are Faithless sethrak gifted with the ability to command the storm. They use their magic to summon great spires that turn the earth into sand, allowing the sethrak to expand their warcamps. The skycallers are the only ones capable of summoning these sand spires.[1] Skycallers are rumored to be able to tempt great storms into being.[2] Faithless skycallers have developed a means of storing volatile lightning magic into fragile crystals; lightning bombs, in the simplest sense.[3]

One of the ancient relics of Sethraliss is the  [Skull of the First Skycaller].[4]


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Other skycallers

Some individuals from other races use the title of "skycaller" as well:

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