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For the faction based from Shattrath City, see Sha'tari Skyguard.
The Skyguard above the Seething Shore.

The Skyguard is an Alliance gunship that took part in the battle for the Seething Shore. The vessel, under the command of Grand Marshal Tremblade, was sent to the small island with a force of champions to recover the newly-formed Azerite deposits present. During this mission, the Skyguard clashed with Horde forces based from their own gunship seeking the same resource. Master Mathias Shaw would oversee the Alliance's collection efforts from above, based from the Skyguard. Additionally, it was on this airship that the heroes of the orders drew the corruption out of the Sword of Sargeras.[1]


Captain Tremblade onboard the bridge
In Silithus

Notes and trivia

  • Most of the Skyguard's crew are individuals who originally took part in the Ashran campaign in alternate Draenor. Many have since received promotions, such as Damarcus' from Sergeant to Sky Marshal.


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