Outside the Slaughtered Lamb

The Slaughtered Lamb Tavern

The Slaughtered Lamb Cellars

The Slaughtered Lamb is a seedy pub in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind City. The top floor is empty except for the bartender Jarel Moor.

Given the pub's name, it seems like the perfect place for warlocks. As they are considered as pariahs in the kingdom, they must operate in the shadows of polite society,[1] and practice their dark arts within hidden enclaves, so that they can escape the prejudice of the public. Thus, the pub's basement and catacombs serve as host to the city's warlock community and act as a training ground for new recruits. They also do not hesitate to assassinate those who would try to reveal their hiding place and activities.[2]

Rather eerily, below the warlock trainer's area there is another area of the Stormwind catacombs, with some empty, open coffins across the floor.


WoW Icon update.png The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 7.0.3 but is present in Classic.

Available spirits

Item Cost
 [Bottle of Dalaran Noir] 50c
 [Skin of Dwarven Stout] 1s 20c
 [Flask of Stormwind Tawny] 1s 50c
 [Flagon of Dwarven Mead] 15s
 [Jug of Badlands Bourbon] 20s


  • The Slaughtered Lamb is named after a pub of the same name that appears in the film An American Werewolf in London.
  • During the World of Warcraft beta, its name was simply Warlock Tavern.[3]