This article is about the general Scourge structure. For the Warcraft III building, see Slaughterhouse (Warcraft III). For the location within Stratholme, see Slaughter House. For the warrior honor talent, see [Slaughterhouse].

Slaughterhouse in Eastern Plaguelands.

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Slaughterhouses are buildings where living creatures are killed and then disassembled into raw meat. Their usage can be innocent enough when it is about turning animals into food, but the Scourge built many slaughterhouses for a more sinister use: to serve as factories of the dead where meat wagons are built and abominations are pieced together from humanoid meat.[1]

Scourge slaughterhouses can be found at the following locations:

Additionally, there are a few other non-Scourge affiliated slaughterhouses:

In the TCG

Icon-TCG.png This section contains information from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and is considered non-canon.

The meat wagons bring bodies to the slaughterhouse to make unthinkable horrors.[2]