NeutralSlave Labor
Start Earthmender Duarn
End Earthmender Duarn
Level 81 (Requires 80)
Category Shimmering Expanse
Experience 27700
Reputation +250 Earthen Ring
Rewards 7g 80s
Previous Making Contact
Next N [81] Capture the Crab


Use Duarn's Rope to save 8 Enslaved Pearl Miners.

  • Pearl Miners rescued x8

Provided item:  [Duarn's Rope]


It will take me some time to break through this barrier and communicate with Nespirah. In the meantime, you can save some of those men that the naga have enslaved in the pits below.

<Duarn produces a length of rope from within his robes.>

This should come in handy.


You will receive: 7g 80s


I need more time, <name>...


Excellent work, <name>... although I'm afraid I haven't been nearly as productive as you have.


Pick up N [81] Stick it to Them before heading out. The miners, Alliance and Horde both, are down ledges that are nigh impossible to get out of. Thankfully the rope will reach them and pull them out.

English "Common" "Orcish"
Thank you! Garde bur ?
I'll be glad to get out of this hellhole. VEld ne nuff ko lon bur va noth landowar REga ka grom il tar ogg gi ogar zuggossh
I'm forever in your debt, hero. RAs koshvel re odes noth dana MOg rath'is ha nogu dogg dogg
You have no idea what they put us through... But dana ti noth lars nuff lon lo nostyec Ogg tago ko dogg ogar grom aaz ag lok'tar
The naga are monsters! Ras thor ras aldonoth Mog gesh kaz moth'aga
You've saved my life! Danleb eynes an noth ?


  1. N [81] A Pearl of Wisdom
  2. N [81] Nespirah
  3. N [81] Making Contact
  4. N [81] Slave Labor / N [81] Stick it to Them
  5. N [81] Capture the Crab
  6. N [30-35] Breaking Through
  7. B [81] We Are Not Alone
  8. B [81] Body Blows / B [81] Hopelessly Gearless / B [81] Still Valuable
  9. B [81] Overseer Idra'kess
  10. B [81] Waking the Beast

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