Slavery is the forced servitude of another being.

Human slavery

The elves of the Kaldorei Empire subjugated some of the nascent humans to use them as slave labor.[1]

Millenias later, some humans were known to practice slavery on orcs and ogres[2] after the events of the Second War. Aedelas Blackmoore himself enslaved Thrall, the future warchief of the Horde.[3] The king of Lordaeron was aware of Blackmoore's gladiatorial games and allowed them personally, as long as the royal coffers would see the proper percentage of his earnings.[4] The enslavement of orcs has been practiced among the internment camps, Lorin Remka keeping Greekik as her own personal slave while Lord Agrovane[5] bought Rehgar and used him as his gladiator. After the events of the Third War, few cases of humans using slaves remain. In the fallen kingdom of Alterac, Aliden Perenolde believed in slavery and sought to place the orc race back into chains[6] — to return, in fact, to the days of Alliance internment camps under Aedelas Blackmoore.

Aiden Perenolde and later his son Aliden Perenolde planned to take the orcs as slaves.[6]

It is possible that Bizmo's Brawlpub is still an underground example of forced gladiatorial combat (at least for some of the combatants)[citation needed]  going on in Stormwind. According to Thrall, the Alliance and the kingdom of Stormwind may still practice slavery, as he mentioned that he would be paraded as a trophy and a slave in the capital after his capture.[7] However, this may be an exaggeration elicited by Thrall's past experiences with the orc internment camps that were ran by humans.

The Kul Tiran house of Ashvane force their workers into exhaustion,[8][9][10] and also employ child labour by snatching children off the streets of Boralus then deporting them to the Ashvane Foundry.[11] It is said that Kul Tiran slavers would blush before the depravity of a mogu slaver by the name of Zheng.[12] At Redrock Harbor in Vol'dun, the Ashvane Trading Company enslave vulpera to work in the Redrock Mines.[13]

Orcish slavery

The practice of slavery has historically existed in orc society, and while in modern times it seems to occur less, the practice still continues among the orcs, though it is unclear how widespread it is. Despite Thrall's work to ensure that no orc would be cast into slavery ever again[14], a small number of orcs have been found enslaved by other orcs in the Horde, for example Bloodeye Redfist. It appears that some orcs are also willing to enslave members of other races, both Horde and Alliance.[15][16][17] Many of these slaves were however once criminals whom were brought to justice. It is unclear why the orcs still allow slavery, and to what extent, or why they choose to ignore it.

Okrilla at Dreadmaul Hold in the Blasted Lands, enslaved some of the ogres of the Dreadmaul tribe after recapturing the old orc city.[18]

Ogre slavery

Ogres captured various races to labor in mines and fight in arenas.

Troll slavery

Zandalari trolls

The Zandalari are above the use of slaves, they're strong and capable of seeing to themselves. Even the sight of slavery within their city is insulting to them.[19] Additionally, they see it as a sign of weakness, and as such when they met the mogu–who built their empire with slaves–over 12,000 years ago, they saw themselves above the slavers.[20]

Though for some reason, years after the Sundering over 10,000 years ago, a number of Zandalari came to Kezan and after some time ended up enslaving the goblins there.[21] Why they did so is unknown, as it was against the Zandalari's beliefs.

Jungle trolls

Zanzil, an infamous witch doctor exiled from the Gurubashi tribe was known for his mind-bending concoctions that when ingested, turned the imbiber into a mindslave. He didn't care about who or what drank his mind-altering potions as the mindslaves under his control range all the way from jungle trolls and dire trolls to naga and ghouls.

During Zul's pledge to aid the Gurubashi back to greatness, Zanzil set out to attack both Hardwrench Hideaway and Explorers' League Digsite in the Cape of Stranglethorn, poisoning their food and turning goblins and dwarves into voodoo zombies.

Other examples of slavery

Slavers / slave masters and slavedrivers

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Slavers are wealthy merchants who sell slaves. Goblin slavers, obviously, run Kezan's slave rings, or simply own several slaves of their own for personal use. Although the trade princes condone slave rings, the slavery trade is kept quiet. Goblins have no wish to offend potential customers who might object to this controversial but highly lucrative line of business.[34]


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In a lot of cases, enslaved mobs will rebel against their masters once the nearby slavedriver/slavemaster is killed.

Slave camps

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