Slithering Gulch

The upper cliffs near the bridge to the Feeding Pits

The Slithering Gulch is a long, shallow ravine that stretches across northern Vol'dun—from the Crater of Conquerors[49.8, 32.8] in the west to the Serpent's Maw[55.8, 36.8] in the east—and forms a gap between the Crackling Ridge in the south and Skycallers' Spire in the north. It serves as a marketplace for the Faithless sethrak where dealers auction off slaves from the Crater of Conquerors to the empire's common citizens.[1]

In the central and eastern parts, the Slithering Gulch subzone extends beyond the gulch itself and onto large cliffs on its southern side. From these cliffs, one can cross a huge stone bridge to the Thundering Terrace at the base of Skycallers' Spire or—further east—a smaller bridge to the Feeding Pits. The Vulture's Nest is located at the top of a narrow trail near the southeastern edge of the cliffs.


In the gulch itself:

On the southern cliffs:

On the bridge to Skycallers' Spire:

On a ledge near the Feeding Pits:[54.4, 33.2]


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