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Sludgewerks Horde building (Cataclysm).jpg
The main building
Leader(s) Jibbly Rakit
Race(s) GoblinGoblin Goblin
IconSmall Hobgoblin.gif Hobgoblin
Language(s) Goblin, Orcish
Resource(s) Oil
Affiliation(s) Horde Horde
Location Northern Stonetalon Mountains
Status Active
Travel Done Flight Master(s)
Undone.gif Mass-transit
Undone.gif Portal(s)

The Sludgewerks is a small Horde base built near a wyvern habitat on the shores of Mirkfallon Lake in Stonetalon Mountains. Initially designed to not do any harm to the wyvern, the goblins that run the platform have had the misfortune of dealing with the droppings of the local wyvern because of this design and location.

Flight Paths




Patch changes

Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Area added

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