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Small Treasure Chest

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Small Treasure Chest

Small Treasure Chests can be found scattered throughout Mardum, the demon hunter starting world, and the Vault of the Wardens. Some are fairly obviously placed, but others require a bit of exploring to reach. They have a chance at containing the following:

In the Broken Isles they can also contain an Artifact Power item.


This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list; feel free to add any found.


Despair Ridge
Seat of Command
Inferno Peak
Cryptic Hollow[63.9, 52.2]
  • cave entrance
  • Caza's chamber
Forge of Corruption
Soul Engine

Vault of the Wardens

Tomb of the Penitent
Vault of Ice
Vault of Mirrors
Vault of Law
Demon Ward
Chamber of Night

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