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Smashing Herbs

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NeutralSmashing Herbs
Start Professor Pallin
End Professor Pallin
Level 100 (Requires 98)
Category Inscription
Experience 15,070
Rewards Recipe: Class Glyph
15g 40s
Previous N Inscription [100] Sign This
Next N Inscription [100] Fish Ink


Obtain 20 Roseate Pigments and 2 Sallow Pigments. Pigments are obtained by milling herbs.


Now that the formalities are out of the way, let's have you do something actually useful.

On the islands below, there's a plethora of new and exotic herbs that we've yet to experiment with.

I'd like you to get some of those herbs and create some new pigments from them. Once you have enough, come back to me and I'll see what you've come up with.


You will learn: Recipe: Class Glyph

You will also receive: 15g 40s


Well? Do you have the pigments, or are you just wasting my time?


Yes, these pigments look like they will do the trick. Well done, student.

In fact... I've been researching a new glyph that these pigments would work splendidly with. Why don't you give it a shot?



Upon completion
  • Professor Pallin says: I too would like to experiment with this pigment. Let's see here...
  • Professor Pallin says: That went better than expected. Yes, this pigment WILL work out nicely.


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