Smoke 'Em Out

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AllianceSmoke 'Em Out
Start Sergeant Downey
End Sergeant Downey
Level 74 (Requires 73)
Type Daily
Category Grizzly Hills
Experience 20750 (or 9g 96s at level 80)
Rewards 50 Honor Points
5g 60s
Repeatable Yes


Use the Smoke Bomb to drive 20 Venture Company Stragglers from their buildings and then report to Sergeant Downey.

Provided Item:


There are still pockets of cowardly Venture Company men holed up in some of the buildings at the center of Venture Bay. I need every man I can spare out there fighting against the Horde, but we can't allow those Venture Company stragglers to camp out in those buildings, either.

Maybe we can "convince" them to make for their ship. Take this smoke bomb and use it to smoke out the stragglers from their places in the bunkhouse, sawmill, or stables. Don't get too close, though; they probably bite.


5g 60s 50 Honor Points


Well done, soldier! Now the rest of the men can focus their efforts on the Horde.


  • 20750 XP (or 9g 96s compensation at level 80)


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