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MobSmokemaster Snarl
Image of Smokemaster Snarl
Race Saberon (Humanoid)
Level 15-40 Elite
Class Shaman, Druid
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Steamscar tribe
Location Steamscar Rise, Gorgrond[54.2, 52.5]VZ-GorgrondBlip
Status Killable

Smokemaster Snarl is a saberon located in Steamscar Rise in Gorgrond.


  • Spell nature stranglevines Entangling Roots — Entangles an enemy in roots, inflicting Nature damage every 1 sec. and immobilizing it for up to 2 sec.
  • Spell nature insectswarm Insect Swarm — The enemy target is swarmed by insects, decreasing their chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks by 3% and causing Nature damage over 12 sec.
  • Spell nature resistnature Regrowth — Heals an ally for a fixed amount, then heals additional damage every 3 sec. for 21 sec.
  • Spell nature wrathv2 Wrath — Causes Nature damage to the target.

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