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Race(s) Virmen Virmen
Base of operations Virmen Nest
Theater of operations Valley of the Four Winds
Status Active

The Snagtooth are a brood of virmen found in eastern Valley of the Four Winds. They have recently begun raiding most of the farms in the Thunderfoot Fields, stealing crops and tools. The tools that these virmen steal from Pang's Stead had an intention, they planned to use them to grow their own crops. Their intentions are seen as dumb, as they plant the tools in order to grow more tools, rather than using them to grow crops.

The crops they have been stealing from Thunderfoot Farm, however, are not being used to eat but rather for fun. The watermelons they steal have been used a toy boats that they float on the Yan-Zhe River, while the turnips are taken to their nest and beaten upon.



  • There are no notable members and their brood mother is unknown.