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Snare effects are a form of crowd control that reduce a victim's movement speed, preventing them from effectively maneuvering in combat. There are 2 types of snares: area-based snares, such as Spell hunter icetrap [Ice Trap] or Spell nature strengthofearthtotem02 [Earthbind Totem], and debuff-based snares (also called Slows), such as Ability poisonsting [Crippling Poison] or Spell shadow deathscream [Piercing Howl].

Snares can be most useful to ranged classes when fighting opponents who only possess melee attacks, allowing them to kite the opponent. Conversely, snares can be very useful for melee classes seeking to prevent ranged opponents from escaping beyond reach of their attacks. Snares are also useful to prevent enemies from fleeing to safety or running for help (in instances especially).

Spells and abilities with a snare effect usually have a percentage listed (i.e. Spell frost stun [Dazed] is a "50% snare"). The target's full movement speed is reduced by this percentage.


Snare debuffs do not stack. Instead, the debuff that gives the most movement speed reduction takes precedence. If any lesser snare is applied while a greater snare is active, it will not be applied, even if the greater snare will expire sooner.


Class Ability Movement Speed Slow Dispel Type
Death knight Spell frost chainsofice [Chains of Ice] 60% Magic
Druid Ability druid infectedwound [Infected Wounds] 50% Disease
Hunter Spell frost stun [Concussive Shot] 50% None
Spell hunter icetrap [Ice Trap] 50% None
Mage Spell frost frostbolt02 [Frostbolt] 50% Magic
Spell nature slow [Slow] 50% Magic
Spell frost glacier [Cone of Cold] 60% Magic
Ability mage frostfirebolt [Frostfire Bolt] 40% Magic
Priest Spell shadow siphonmana [Mind Flay] 50% None
Rogue Inv throwingknife 06 [Deadly Throw] 50% None
Ability poisonsting [Crippling Poison] 50% (70%) Poison
Shaman Spell frost frostshock [Frost Shock] 50% Magic
Spell shaman unleashweapon frost [Frostbrand Weapon] 50% Magic
Spell nature strengthofearthtotem02 [Earthbind Totem] 50% Magic
Warlock Spell shadow grimward [Curse of Exhaustion] 30% Curse
Ability warlock shadowflame [Demonic Breath] 50% None
Warrior Spell shadow deathscream [Piercing Howl] 50% None
Ability shockwave [Hamstring] 50% None


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