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Snow Fight: A Warcraft Tale
Snow Fight
Author(s) Chris Metzen
Artist(s) Wei Wang
Pages 36
Publisher(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Publication date Hardcover: October 17, 2017
Paperback: October 15, 2017
Format(s) Hardcover, Paperback
Retail price US: $17.95
CAN: $6.29
ISBN 10 Hardcover: 0989700100
Paperback: 1945683074
ISBN 13 Hardcover: 978-0989700108
Paperback: 978-1945683077
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Snow Fight: A Warcraft Tale is a children's book written by Chris Metzen and illustrated by Wei Wang, published on October 15, 2017.[1]

Metzen wrote the book for children who might be curious about Warcraft characters and lore,[2] though it is most likely non-canon. It features Arthas, Thrall and Varian and touches on the subject of bullying.[3]


An exciting adventure dealing with the topics of bullying and friendship based on the fictional characters from the award-winning video game World of Warcraft.

After nine exciting years of adventuring through the lands of Azeroth-weather it was through playing the game World of Warcraft itself or reading our expanding fiction based on Warcraft's legendary characters — we wanted to take a moment to stop and appreciate how much living in the real world we've all done during the games run. (Quote by Chris Metzen)


  • Though Blizzard has not explicitly stated that Snow Fight is non-canon, the premise of Varian, Thrall, and the Lich King throwing snowballs at each other makes it likely.




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