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For the alternate timeline's character's biography, see Socrethar (alternate universe).
BossSocrethar the Eternal
Image of Socrethar the Eternal
Gender Male
Race Vigilant (Mechanical)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Amphitheater of the Eternal, Hellfire Citadel
Status Killable

Socrethar the Eternal is a boss in the Amphitheater of the Eternal in the Hellfire Citadel in Tanaan Jungle. Following his death in Shattrath City during the Garrison Campaign, his soul was taken by his Sargerei and placed into a fel-tainted vigilant construct so he could become immortal.

The battle with Socrethar the Eternal is one of the easier fights in the upper wing of Hellfire Citadel. So long as the tank who pilots the construct in phase 2 understands his abilities, the fight is quite simple.


Adventure Guide[]

The greatest warriors of the draenei have their souls imbued into gleaming constructs, serving as eternal Vigilants in defense of their people. Originally a member of the Council of Exarchs before his descent into darkness, Socrethar has perverted this holiest of rituals, and used a warped fel construct to preserve his soul after his defeat in Talador.

Designer notes[]

Another familiar name, Socrethar represents one of the leaders of the Sargerei with whom players contended in Talador. His soul is ensconced in a construct, a twisted version of the first boss of Auchindoun, giving us a chance to play with a boss design idea that we haven’t really seen since Razorgore all the way back in Blackwing Lair: What if you let the player control a raid boss and use all its abilities for a period of time?


Socrethar begins the encounter occupying the Soulbound Construct. When players deplete the Soulbound Construct's health, Socrethar's spirit will be ejected from the construct, and a player can take control of it. The Sargerei then stream into the chamber, and together with Socrethar attempt to regain control of the Construct. When the Construct's health is depleted when controlled by a player, they are ejected and Socrethar regains control, beginning the cycle again. Players must destroy Socrethar's soul to complete the encounter.

Dps icon Damage Dealers[]

  • Raid members must take turns absorbing Shattered Defenses to keep the tanks from suffering fatal damage.
  • Interrupt Exert Dominance to prolong the period of time that your tank is able to control the Construct.
  • Do not let Haunting Souls reach their targets.

Healer icon Healers[]

  • Raid members must take turns absorbing Shattered Defenses to keep the tanks from suffering fatal damage.
  • Apocalypse deals heavy damage to the raid.
  • Run away from Haunting Souls who are fixated on you.

Tank icon Tanks[]

  • Alternate who is tanking the Soulbound Construct to prevent Shattered Defenses from stacking too high.
  • One tank should take control of the Construct when Socrethar is ejected.
  • When controlling the construct, avoid Soul Dispersion by staying away from Haunting Souls.


Soulbound Construct[]

  • Ability golemthunderclap Reverberating Blow Important Tank Alert — Inflicts 92500 to 107500 Physical damage to all targets in a cone. Additionally, applies 3 stacks of Shattered Defenses, dividing the number of stacks between the closest targets. On Mythic Difficulty, inflicts 6 stacks of Shattered Defenses.
    • Archaeology 5 0 crackedmogurunestone Shattered Defenses Important Tank Alert — Increases damage taken from Reverberating Blow by 200%. This effect stacks.
  • Inv gizmo felstabilizer Fel Prison — Creates a ring of fel energy. Any creature who steps into the ring will trigger the energy to coalesce into a Crystalline Fel Prison, stunning targets within 8 yards and reducing their damage taken by 99% for 30 sec. Destroying the Crystalline Fel Prison will free any targets that it has trapped.
  • Achievement zone cataclysmgreen Volatile Fel Orb — Creates a volatile orb of fel energy that follows a targeted enemy, detonating on impact. This ability consumes 0 Energy when used by a player.
  • Spell fire moltenbloodgreen Felblaze Charge — Charges forward, leaving behind a trail of arcane energy, inflicting 60000 Fire damage every 1 sec. to anyone inside the trail and reducing their movement speed by 75%.
  • Spell fire felflamestrike Apocalyptic Felburst Deadly — Creates a large Fel bomb that drops at a targeted location, inflicting 3000000 Fire damage to targets directly underneath the bomb, and 187312 to 217688 to all other targets.
  • Ability priest clarityofpower Overwhelming Power — The power of Socrethar's soul cannot be fully bound within the construct, causing bolts of fel to temporarily burn players for 60000 Fire damage every 1 sec for 6 sec.
  • Achievement boss hellfire socrethar Incomplete Binding — Players have an incomplete binding with the construct and inflict 50% reduced damage while controlling it.
  • Voracious Soulstalker — The results of Sagerei's demon-twisted experiments on souls, Voracious Soulstalkers periodically join the battle.
    • Ability warlock soulsiphon Eternal Hunger — Voracious Soulstalkers fixate a target, devouring any players in a cone in front of them.
      • Ability warlock soulsiphon Devour — Devours the soul of the target, inflicting 5000000 Shadow damage.
  • Spell shadow summonfelhunter Blooded Tracker — Voracious Soulstalkers speed continuously increases as they hunt their prey.
  • Spell shadow siphonmana Soul Regeneration — Heals the caster for 100% of their maximum health, causing them to fixate on a new target and removing Blooded Tracker. Voracious Soulstalkers will cast Soul Regeneration upon reaching 50% health.
  • Ability warlock improveddemonictactics Socrethar's Contingency — 300% additional damage taken from the Soulbound Construct.

Socrethar and the Sargerei[]

Once Socrethar is ejected from the construct, players can take control of it. The Sargerei join the battle in attempt to wrest control of the Construct back from the raid.


  • Spell shadow chilltouch Exert Dominance Important Interruptible — Attempts to assert dominance over the Soulbound Construct, inflicting 5% of the Construct's health as Shadow damage.
  • Spell shadow shadowpower Apocalypse Deadly — Releases deadly bursts of twisted soul energy, inflicting 37000 to 43000 Shadow damage to all players every 2 sec. for 10 sec.

Sargerei Dominator[]

  • Spell fire felfireward Fel Barrier Important — Wraps Socrethar in Fel energy, preventing all damage and making Socrethar immune to interrupt effects.
  • Spell shadow antimagicshell Gift of the Man'ari — Suffuses the target with fel energy, inflicting 59200 to 68800 Fire damage to the target and all players within 10 yards every 1.5 sec. for 2 min.

Sargerei Shadowcaller[]

  • Spell shadow deathsembrace Shadow Word: Agony Magic Effect Interruptible — Inflicts 23125 to 26875 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 20 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Spell priest divinestar shadow2 Shadow Bolt Volley — Launches a volley of shadow energy towards all players, inflicting 41625 to 48375 Shadow damage.

Haunting Soul[]

  • Spell warlock soulburn haunt Virulent Haunt — Haunts the fixated player and any other nearby players, inflicting 50875 to 59125 Shadow damage every 1 sec. and horrifying them for 8 sec.
  • Ability fixated state purple Ghastly Fixation — Fixates on a target, destroying itself and applying Virulent Haunt if it reaches them.
  • Spell priest divinestar shadow2 Soul Dispersion Deadly Tank Alert — If a haunting soul comes within 5 yds. of the Soulbound Construct, it will disperse its energy into the construct, inflicting 15 Shadow damage.


Socrethar the Eternal requires 2 tanks, one to pilot the construct in phase 2 and one to tank Socrethar himself, as well as tank swapping in phase 1. Spell nature bloodlust [Bloodlust] should be used when the first dominator comes out in phase 2.

Socrethar starts the battle in the soulbound contruct and must be brought to 0 health to eject him. He will use Reverberating Blow on the tanks in a cone in front of him, so keep him pointed away from the group and positioned in the center of the room. Tanks should swap when they get to 4 or 5 stacks. When he casts FEL Prison, move away from the green circle on the ground. If someone does get caught in it, dps need to switch to the fel crystal to break the trapped person free. When afflicted by Gift of the Man'ari, move away from the group to let it fall off.Ranged should be stacked in the back-middle of the room. Set up 2 markers and decide where the group should drop Felblaze Charges and fel orbs: in the left and right corners of the room. When targeted by Felblaze Charge, a player should move to the designated side so when Socrethar rushes the player and leaves behind green fire, it won't be near the group. SAME concept for Unstable ORBS: move to the side so only 1 player will get hit by the damage instead of the whole group.

When the Soulbound Construct reaches 0, the Soul of Socrethar will be ejected with 1 tank picking it up and the other tank jumping into the construct. The construct is weakened when under player control and must avoid taking damage because if it reaches 0, the player will be ejected, Socrethar will regain control and phase 1 will begin again. Three portals will spawn: Red (dominators), purple (Enemy casters), and light blue (GHOSTS). Players should move and position Socrethar next to the red portal. As soon as the Sargerei dominator spawns, all dps must switch to it to make the shield protecting Socrethar drop. The boss will attempt to cast Exert Dominance to greatly damage the construct which must be interrupted. He cannot be interrupted when the dominator's shield is up. If no dominators are up, ranged dps should prioritize the ghosts that spawn from the blue portal that fixate and run towards a random player. After the ghosts, the dps should kill the caster adds that spawn. After all adds in range are dead, then focus on the boss.

Much of the responsibility of the fight rides on the tank piloting the construct. To beat the enrage timer, the tank must keep 5 stacks of Reverberating Blows on Socrethar as well as plenty of autoattacks. To keep the ghosts from reaching where the party is stacked on the red portal, the tank must use Felblaze Charge so the flames form a straight line from the ghosts to the group so that they are slowed down and vulnerable to the party's ranged attacks for as long as possible. Use charge as often as possible to keep the line of fel fire as long and thick as possible, as it only takes a few ghosts getting through to cause a wipe. If a tank is seasoned enough, they can also throw an Unstable Orb at the ghosts to cause some extra damage. Half-way through the fight, the portals will change locations and the whole raid must reposition accordingly. Due to the fact that the ghosts are likely to spawn their next wave before the tank has enough time to make a large-enough line of felfire, use Fel Prison on the first ghost wave to keep them at bay long enough to set up the felblaze charges.


Raid Finder Normal/Heroic/Mythic
Item Type Item Type
Inv sword 1h draenorhonors2 c 01 [Felgore Double Blade] Strength one-hand sword Inv sword 1h felfireraid d 03 [Felstricken Sha'tari Crystalsword] (H · M) Strength one-hand sword
Inv bow 2h crossbow draenorhonors2 c 01 [Toxin-Tipped Bolt Launcher] Crossbow Inv sword 1h felfireraid d 03 [Saber of Twisted Virtue] (H · M) Caster one-hand sword
Inv shield 1h draenorhonors2 c 01 [Decaying Draenic Shield] Shield Inv bow 2h crossbow felfireraid d 01 [Felcrystal Impaler] (H · M) Crossbow
Inv helm cloth draenorhonors2 c 01 [Hood of Unhealthy Fixation] Cloth helmet Inv shield 1h felfireraid d 02 [Soulwarped Tower Shield] (H · M) Shield
Inv misc necklace 6 0 040 [Tenacious Dominator's Gorget] Strength necklace Inv plate raidpaladin p 01helm [Casque of Foul Concentration] (H · M) Plate helmet
Inv shoulder plate draenorhonors2 c 01 paladin [Automated Shoulderplates] Plate shoulders Inv 6 0raid necklace 2a [Contained Fel Orb Locket] (H · M) Tank necklace
Inv shoulder leather draenorhonors2 c 01 [Shoulderpads of Wrought Destruction] Leather shoulders Inv cape felfireraid d 02 [Drape of Beckoned Souls] (H · M) Spirit cloak
Inv cape draenorraid d 01caster blue [Haunting Nightmare Cloak] Spirit cloak Inv cape felfireraid d 03 [Soulbinder's Greatcloak] (H · M) Strength cloak
Inv chest leather draenorhonors2 c 01 [Constructbreaker's Chestguard] Leather chest Inv chest leather raiddruid p 01 [Tunic of the Soulbinder] (H · M) Leather chest
Inv bracer cloth draenorhonors2 c 01 [Socrethar's Ceremonial Cuffs] Cloth bracers Inv bracer mail raidshaman p 01 [Chain Wristguards of the Stricken] (H · M) Mail bracers
Inv belt mail draenorhonors2 c 01 [Crystal-Buckle Belt] Mail belt Inv bracer cloth raidpriest p 01 [Pristine Man'ari Cuffs] (H · M) Cloth bracers
Inv belt plate draenorhonors2 c 01 paladin [Girdle of Bound Agony] Plate belt Inv 6 2raid ring 1b [Seal of the Traitorous Councilor] (H · M) Caster ring
Inv misc trinket6oog cyclopianpig2 [Howling Soul Gem] Agility trinket Inv 6 2raid trinket 1a [Demonic Phylactery] (H · M) Healer trinket
Inv 6 2raid trinket 3b [Soul Capacitor] (H · M) Agility trinket
Inv gauntlets 29 [Gauntlets of Hellfire's Conqueror] (H · M) Armor token
Inv gauntlets 29 [Gauntlets of Hellfire's Protector] (H · M) Armor token
Inv gauntlets 29 [Gauntlets of Hellfire's Vanquisher] (H · M) Armor token

Related Achievements[]


Korvos aggroed
Soul of Socrethar yells: They come for me! Stop them, Sargerei!
Soul of Socrethar yells: You could not stopped me in Shattrath. You will not end me here, fools!
Korvos defeated
Soul of Socrethar yells: Just a bit longer, and the bidding will be complete.
Disciples aggroed
Soul of Socrethar yells: Fight, you fools! Stop them!
Disciples killed
Soul of Socrethar yells: I should have expected as much. No matter.
Soul of Socrethar yells: The construct is fully powered... the final binding will have to wait. For now, I believe we have a score to settle, fleas!
  • Soulbound Construct yells: Death could not stop me - how do you hope too?
  • Soulbound Construct yells: You killed me once, mortals. It will not happen again.
Reverberating Blow
  • Soulbound Construct yells: Kneel before me!
  • Soulbound Construct yells: Join me in death!
Soul ejected
Soul of Socrethar yells: No! The binding... I cannot control...
Soul of Socrethar yells: My soul itself will strike you down!
Soul of Socrethar yells: Sargerei! To me!
  • Soul of Socrethar yells: I am more powerful than ever!
  • Soul of Socrethar yells: Wither away, fools!
  • Soul of Socrethar yells: Your life ends here!
Soul regained to construct
  • Soul of Socrethar yells: You cannot control it! It is mine!
  • Soul of Socrethar yells: Out! It is too good for you, pitiful soul!
Soul of Socrethar yells: The nether! It... consumes me...
Outro (Killed first)
Archmage Khadgar yells: I've breached the first seal, soon the portal will take us to Gul'dan.
Outro (Killed second)
Archmage Khadgar yells: Another seal is open! Oh, I am good.
Outro (Killed third)
Archmage Khadgar yells: The portal is nearly complete, the next seal has been removed.
Outro (Killed fourth)
Archmage Khadgar yells: The final seal has fallen! My work here is almost finished.
Outro (Killed last)
Archmage Khadgar yells: The portal is unlocked! It will take us directly to Gul'dan. Now he will pay for his crimes.
Unused quote
Soulbound Construct: Time itself bends to my will!


Heroic Socrethar the Eternal - Mage - Boss Voice

Mythic Socrethar the Eternal - Mage - Boss Voice

Patch changes[]

  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2015-07-09): Fixed an issue where transitioning between phases multiple times could cause adds from phase 2 of the encounter to sometimes incorrectly spawn in phase 1.
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2015-07-06):
    • Sargerei Dominators should no longer immediately attack nearby players after spawning.
    • Soulbound Construct should now be able to be damaged by the Warrior talents Dragon Roar and Siegebreaker.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the encounter to not restart correctly after a wipe.
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2015-07-02):
    • Sargerei Dominators no longer immediately attack nearby players after spawning and applying their shield.
    • Sargerei Dominators’ Gift of the Man'ari has had its damage reduced by 15% on all difficulties.
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2015-07-01): Sargerei Dominator now always properly shields Soul of Socrethar after becoming active.
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2015-06-30):
    • Fel Dominators now spawn more frequently in all non-Mythic difficulties.
    • Soul of Socrethar's health has been reduced 15% in all non-Mythic difficulties.
    • Fel Dominators should now instantly shield Socrethar when spawning.
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2015-06-29): Sargerei Shadowcaller's Shadow Word: Agony can no longer be copied by Dark Simulacrum.
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2015-06-25):
    • Soulbound Construct while it's under player control should no longer be affected by Rallying Cry.
    • Sargerei Dominators now have a very brief delay before attacking after being spawned.
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2015-06-24):
    • Fel Prisons should now be able to correctly trap Sargerei Shadowcallers.
    • Soulbound Construct's Reverberating Blow should no longer incorrectly pull mobs from outside of the encounter.
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.2.0 (2015-06-23): Added.

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