Soggoth and Kronn

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AllianceSoggoth and Kronn
Start Archaeologist Groff
End Larien
Level 19 (Requires 17)
Category Darkshore
Experience 365
Reputation +25 Darnassus
Shareable Yes
Previous A [19] Unearthed Knowledge
Next A [19] The Slumbering Ancients


Return to Larien at the Grove of the Ancients with the information you've obtained.


The Master's Glaive was the site of an ancient battle, <name>. The titans sent twenty of their stone giants against Soggoth.

Of those twenty giants, one survived.

The tablets say that Kronn, the largest of the stone giants allowed himself to be entangled by Soggoth's tendrils -- just long enough to be lifted close enough to the creature's skull... within reach of his mighty sword.

It's a good thing he's dead... we don't really have twenty stone giants lying around to stop him again.


The dwarf's story is unsettling... yet informative. It seems we have few options left.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. A [18] Mounting the Offensive
  2. A [19] Leave No Tracks
  3. A [19] Stepping Up Surveillance
  4. A [19] Unearthed Knowledge
  5. A [19] Soggoth and Kronn
  6. A [19] The Slumbering Ancients
  7. A [19] Naga In Our Midst
  8. A [20] The Darkscale Warlord
  9. A [20] The Offering to Azshara
  10. A [19] The Battle for Darkshore
  11. A [20] Ashes in Ashenvale

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