Soggy's Gamble

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NeutralSoggy's Gamble
Soggy's Gamble.jpg
Soggy's Gamble
Leader(s) IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao
Race(s) PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Affiliation(s) Neutral Anglers
Location Southeastern Dread Wastes[55.5, 71]

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Soggy's Gamble is a town on the southeastern coast of the Dread Wastes founded by the crew of the shipwreck of the Mist-Hopper, an Anglers vessel under the command of Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao. The Chittering Coast overlooks the cove to the northeast, the Lonesome Cove is southeast, and Mazu's Overlook is the high bluff to the immediate west. The Anglers here make most of their money by fishing emperor crabs,[1][2] but they send all kinds of goods from the sea back around the Serpent's Spine, including oils, plants, shark teeth, and rare minerals.[2]

San the Sea Calmer runs the Chum Bucket, the inn of Soggy's Gamble.


Quest givers
Vendors and services
  • Neutral  Crawler <Rough-rider Kim's Pet>
  • Neutral  Deckhand <Crew of the Mist-Hopper>
  • Neutral  Dog <Crew of the Mist-Hopper>
During N [90] Reeltime Strategy and N [90] The Mariner's Revenge
During N [90] Mazu's Bounty

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