NeutralSolar Core Destruction
Start Marin Bladewing [64.9, 67.3]
End Marin Bladewing [64.9, 67.3]
Level 35
Type Daily
Category Firelands Invasion
Experience 69400
Reputation +250 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards [Mark of the World Tree] x2
9g 40s
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [35 Daily] The Forlorn Spire
Next N [35 Daily] Enduring the Heat


Detonate the Solar Core.

  • Solar Core detonated


The fight has taken us to Fandral's doorstep. His druids are channeling energies of the Firelands into a vessel called the Solar Core.

Should this vessel detonate on Azeroth, none of us will have a home to return to.

We need to strike at the Solar Core now, while it is still vulnerable. You can find the infernal device to the northeast.


You will receive: [Mark of the World Tree] x2 and 9g 40s


If we do not stop it now, the Solar Core will only grow more powerful with each day.


It is destroyed? Good. I doubt this will deter Fandral for long, but we must gain every advantage we can muster.


You will receive:


Pick up the other dailies at the Forlorn Spire before heading out. While out and about, kill a Druid of the Flame and it will drop a  [Dried Acorn] on the ground. It starts N [35] The Mysterious Seed.

The Solar Core is found at [70.8, 38.2] the northeast end of the Widow's Clutch, at a camp called Wildflame Point. It is surrounded by four Druids of the Flame. Kill at least one, get close to the center taking care not to aggro the others — they have a large aggro radius — and blow the core. The explosion will launch the player 100 yards away to [65.9, 39.0] on top of a spire. Jump down, mount up and return to base.


Prerequisite: N [35] The Shadow Wardens

  1. N [35] The Hunt Begins -- unlocks a daily quest chain:
  2. N [35 Daily] The Forlorn Spire
  3. Three dailies from the following at the Forlorn Spire. Additionally, kill a Druid of the Flame to pick up N [35] The Mysterious Seed, which starts a short sidequest.
  4. N [35 Daily] Enduring the Heat
  5. N [35 Daily] Strike at the Heart (unlocked by N [35] Calling the Ancients)
  6. N [35 Daily] Fandral's Methods -or- N [35 Daily] The Flame Spider Queen (unlocked by N [35] Need... Water... Badly...)

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