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Solar Wrath HS

Solar Wrath as seen in Hearthstone.

“Can you feel it? The blessed warmth of the sun?”


Solar magic[1] is a form of magic pratice through the use of solar energy[2][3] (or sun energy),[4] a radiant energy emitted by the suns.

Solar magic is associated to the nature magic used by druids, rather than the holy magic used by priests and paladins.[1]


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Solar magic can be used offensively, notably by druids when they hurl a ball or cast a quick beam of solar energy to burn their enemies.

According to Darkscryer Raastok, Apexis technology is fascinating, as their machines are powered by solar energy, which itself has been imbued with magic.[3] The Breath of Rukhmar was notably a weapon used two thousand years before the opening of the Dark Portal against the Primals led by Gnarlgar and the Sporemound Taala as they marched on Arak. When it was first activated, a violent tremor shook the spire as solar energies roared through it and a white-hot beam exploded from the mechanism to lance through Taala's chest, blowing it apart in a cloud of spores and ash. The Breath of Rukhmar then sliced through the botani, genesaur, and Gnarled, incinerating thousands in an instant.[5]



Apexis construct

An Apexis guardian powered by solar energy.

While the ancient Apexis society used the Light,[6] the solar energy used by the more modern Adherents of Rukhmar is the same nature magic type that druids use.[1]

Central to high arakkoan culture is reverence of Rukhmar and the sun. Hundreds of Solar Orbs are scattered around Skyreach, which cast a never-ending light so no arakkoa need go without the sun's warmth, even on a cold and overcast day. As the high arakkoa of Skyreach closely observed the civilization of the draenei, they took a keen interest in the towering Vigilants that guard their cities and temples. The arakkoa set out to create their own superior version, powered by solar energy[7] - an unwaveringly obedient engine of destruction.[2]

The Inv misc qirajicrystal 01 [Apexis Core] is known as "the heart of Apexis technology - solar energy condensed into a resin crystal". Those crystals were the basis of Apexis technology, and the key of their devastating power.[8]


By leveraging the sacred powers of the moon, the sun, and the stars, balance druids access arcane and nature magics to aid in the fight against imbalance that threatens the natural order of all things.[9]

They notably have access to solar spells such as Ability druid eclipseorange [Eclipse], Ability mage firestarter [Sunfire], Spell nature wrathv2 [Solar Wrath], and Spell nature wrathv2 [Wrath].

Titanic watcher[]

The titanic watcher Rajh was created to protect the powerful device capable of resetting all life on Azeroth, and his sphere of influence was the sun.[10] He once oversaw the energies that have both sparked life and snuffed it out in an untold number of his kin. Considered the mightiest of his fellow constructs, Rajh held the power to unleash the fury of a thousand suns upon Azeroth.[11]


Monstrous Heal

A tol'vir priest casting solar magic.

The tol'vir sun priests, wielders of solar magic, are an ancient order who have walked among all tol'vir tribes. They use various idols and monuments to channel their solar magic.[12]

However, those who followed the Amathet twisted their beliefs and weaponized them to justify their crusade against Ramkahen.[13] A caste of solar magic practitioners closest Sun King Nahkotep are referred to as "Suntouched".[14]


Solar-related items and objects[]

Solar Orb

An arakkoan solar orb in Skyreach.


  • The firehawk Rukhran had an affinity for solar energy, and could absorb the sun's power and unleash it to incinerate any prey.[15]


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