Solliden Farmstead.

The Scarlet Palisade near Solliden Farmstead, added after Cataclysm.

The Solliden Farmstead in western Tirisfal Glades is one of the only places in northern Lordaeron where the native farmfolk survive to this day, untainted by the Plague of Undeath. The farmers have united with the zealous Scarlet Crusade, who has a nearby outpost to the west, for protection against the Forsaken and the Scourge.

Farmer Solliden leads the farm himself. The Sollidens nurture themselves on the large pumpkins they grow in their patch and supplement it with meat from the woods whenever they have a chance. Their proximity to both the Agamand Mills and Deathknell leave them little room to do so, however, as undead frequently wander near and attack.

The humans at Solliden Farmstead attack anyone they see, including fellow humans and other Alliance travelers - years of living next to the undead, including occasional raids coming from Brill, have probably made them as paranoid as the Scarlet forces protecting them.

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